Idaho’s Real Estate Market: There Are the 5 Key

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Idaho’s Real Estate Market: There Are the 5 Key Takeaways

Many people would agree that we live in a time where our hopes for our financial success are not the greatest. The real estate market, as you might have already gathered, is a bit messy right now. Less housing at a higher cost? That’s a recipe for disaster. So, understandably so, you may be pickier about location when searching for a new home.

How is the Idaho real estate market, you might ask? Let us find out.

  1. Higher Housing Demand

The higher demand for housing is not just a thing in Idaho but virtually everywhere right now. Why is this? Part of this is due to the lower interest rates at the start of COVID, which caused many people to suddenly jump on the house-buying wagon. On top of that, the pandemic triggered a demand for housing away from density populated areas for health reasons.

  1. Rising Property Values

As you might expect with a higher demand for housing in Idaho, property values are also on the rise. This is especially true in Meridian, Coeur d’Alene, and Boise. So, yes, this means the cost of housing in general is at an increase.

You may assume it’s best to wait for property values to decrease. However, real estate experts agree that this will not be happening anytime soon. Don’t wait to buy; buy and wait. This is best way to invest in your property.

  1. Urban Expansion

Idaho may not be as urban as other states. However, its urban expansion is surely on the rise. The urban development occurring in this state has been helpful at accommodating the higher influx of new residents, as well as the increasing demand for life in the suburbs and smaller towns of Idaho.

  1. Trending Green Building Standards

Idaho may surprise you in how advance it currently is getting in terms of its sustainability and ability to “go green,” particularly when it comes to buildings and homes. Eco-friendly interior/exterior designs, buildings taking advantage of renewable energy sources, and buildings that are energy efficient are more appreciated than ever before.

  1. Increasing Investment Opportunities

You might be thinking Idaho is a bad place to move to due to the high demand for housing and the rising costs of such. However, not all hope is lost.

What comes with high demand and rising property values comes great investment opportunities. And as urbanization continues in Idaho, you bet that over the next several years, property values will increase even more. This gives commercial investors, and individuals looking to invest through purchasing real estate, a golden opportunity.

Does Idaho sound like a great place for you to live? See Sandpoint Idaho homes for sale here.


It’s true that the real estate market in general can be intimidating at present. The good news is, the Idaho market might be more suitable for you during these times of economic hardship. With the latter takeaways, perhaps the potential move to Idaho will make more sense for you.

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