Ideas to Make Your Teenager’s Homecoming More Memorable

by Jenn

Homecoming is a highlight for the majority of teens across the country. It usually means an entire week of festivities, from the football game to a bonfire and dance, along with special events your school might provide to create hype for the upcoming dance. You can also do things to help your teen gear up for this annual event. Be creative when it comes to making homecoming more memorable.

Throw a Party at Your Place

Once the game is over, everyone is looking for some fun and excitement. Bring the party to your house, filling it with your son or daughter’s best friends. Break out their favorite snacks. Appetizers like wings and pigs in a blanket are always a hit. Pizzas give you a simple attraction if you don’t want to fire up the grill. Fill some coolers with water, soda, iced tea, and juice. Get the music pumping. String some lights, break out the hay bales, and bring in a cake. Roll out the welcome mat. The kids will look forward to the next event at your house.

Go on a Shopping Spree

The dance is your teen’s chance to shine. You need to splurge when it comes to making new additions to your son or daughter’s wardrobe. Go on a trip to the mall well in advance. Once you’ve found the perfect outfit, shoes will be next. Take your time. You may luck out and find something that is versatile. There’s nothing better than an outfit that can be worn for more than one occasion.

Plan a Full Evening for the Homecoming Dance

You’ve gone all out to give your teen the right clothing. The night shouldn’t only revolve around the dance. Let the anticipation build. Contact a limo service, someone like DJ’s Limousine Service, for your teen and a date. Consider renting something that is large enough to accommodate a larger group if you want all the friends to come along for the ride. Make reservations for a fancy dinner before they head to the dance. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your teen will have safe transportation at the end of the night. Don’t forget to take photos before everyone heads out.

Keep the lights on and wait up for your teen. Your son or daughter will appreciate that you want to be an active part of their celebration. There will be plenty to talk about when the limousine pulls up. Find out what the most memorable moments were. Start planning to make next year’s homecoming even more more exciting.

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