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7 Incredible Room Remodels to Inspire Your Next Project


Are you getting ready for a room remodel in your home, condo or apartment? Whether you want to transform your small kitchen, bedroom or basement, you can create the ideal space no matter what room you’re remodeling – all it takes is a little inspiration!

7 Incredible Room Remodels to Inspire Your Next ProjectHere are seven incredible room remodels to inspire your next project. Let’s get started!

1) DIY White Kitchen Renovation

Work done by Abby Lawson, click here to view the full reveal

If you’re trying to take your kitchen dull and boring to bold and beautiful, get some inspiration from this remodel which took an eyesore of a kitchen and turned it into a modern masterpiece! The original kitchen featured fake laminate wood cabinets, a cramped layout and outdated appliances – all common pain points for houses built in the 1990s. A remodel was needed – and badly. So they ripped out everything in sight and completely changed their kitchen into an updated room that’s suitable for a family of four and a master chef.

To give your kitchen a facelift, take a page out of this remodeler’s book and use a monochromatic color scheme. White works very well in the kitchen because it represents cleanliness while also brightening the room, making it feel larger and more inviting.

2) Getting Ready for the School Year with a Homework Room

Work done by Sherry Petersik, click here to view the full reveal

Moms and dads know how tough it can be to get your kids to focus on homework. Well, with this creative room remodel, your kids will have a functional and creative space to study hard (that’s also affordable!) You can take any under-utilized room in the home and transform it with some affordable items.

With a little brightly colored coats of paint, a switch of a light fixture, some functional yet attractive furniture from IKEA and Target, and this drab den was turned into a fun room for children to learn and grow. Any remodeler can transform a room with just a few affordable items and it’s often the more practical option overall.

3) Pamper Yourself with a Bathroom Remodel

Work done by Jenna Sue Design, click here to view the full reveal

Taking your bathroom from drab to fab will require some hard work, but in the end, you’ll have a beautiful room that was all worth it! Jenna Sue Design recently transformed a 70s-era bathroom to a stylishly natural and vintage space. There are many elements in this project that you can apply to your own bathroom remodel.

Perhaps the biggest bit of inspiration you may get from this remodel, however, comes from the creative mix of design styles. Combining metals, bold textures and playing with different tones creates a patterned blend, with many interesting layers packed into a small space. A lesson you can take away from this remodeler? Never be afraid to take risks, they just may pay off.

4) Refinishing a Concrete Basement

Work done by Mandy Rose, click here to view the full reveal

A concrete basement can be a gigantic blemish on an otherwise gorgeous home. By transforming a basement into a room that’s as beautiful as it is functional, this remodel filled the void in the home’s aesthetic.

If it’s time to update your basement, get some inspiration from this basement remodel, in which drywall was erected, carpet was laid, beams were covered and more. A key design feature for this remodel is the custom-built entertainment center. The basement is the perfect place for relaxing in front of the fire or TV, so make that a big consideration when drawing up plans.

5) Transforming Your Living Room

Work done by Susan Phillips, click here to view the full reveal

The living room is normally the main gathering place in your home, so it should be a functional yet inviting space. In this remodel, the living room was transformed from dated and dark to modern, funky and bright.

Some keen advice for those tackling a living room project: carpet is cozy. While not always the first choice for most renovators, in a living room it makes perfect sense. Hardwood or tile can be cold and hard to keep clean. And if style has got you concerned, carpet doesn’t have to be boring or ugly, you can get it in almost any pattern you wish.

6) Build a Stunning Master Bedroom

Work done by Kris Jarrett, click here to view the full reveal

Master bedrooms are where you spend most of your time (even if you are sleeping), so it’s important that you have a space that you love. This bedroom project uses new walls, fixtures and headboard to create a space you’d be glad to lay your head.

Walls can make or break any room. If you’re trying to change your unattractive walls, try some cracked, faux-finished or painted walls to spruce up the room, such as this remodeler. It’s also a good way to provide contrast for other elements in the room, like nightstands or lamps.

7) Mix it Up with a Farmhouse Laundry Room

Work done by Sara of Twelve on Main, click here to view the full reveal

For a fun and funky way to mix it up with your laundry room, why not implement a style that harkens back to the retro (but still attractive) farmhouse style?

There are a few ways to achieve this look in your laundry room – or almost any room, really. – white shiplap walls, subway tile, reclaimed butcher block counter tops, turned table legs, and of course, a farmhouse utility sink. Install a sliding barn door for that authentic finishing touch!

Best of Luck with Your Remodel!

Now that you have seven incredible room remodels to inspire you, dream up something that you’ll love for years to come. Best of luck with your project!


Bio: Bea Bonte is a marketing associate at Treasured Spaces a custom home builder and remodeling team in Minnesota. She enjoys writing blogs about home trends and remodeling ideas.


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  1. electrosawhq December 29, 2017
    Nice post! I was considering to do the similar project but was not sure how to start it. LOL This is actually a pretty helpful idea, to begin with. Thank you!^^
  2. Calvin F. September 7, 2017
    Lots of work but pays off in the end, some incredible designs indeed.
  3. PatRJohnson September 2, 2017
    These remodeling ideas are very nice to consider. Shoji screens can also be used here as a room divider or as a sliding glass door. It adds a beautiful touch of charm and elegance. Navigate at https://plus.google.com/108755519750170027826/about?hl=en and get to know more about this.
  4. Armando Rincon August 14, 2017
    I'm going to start with the bathroom remodeling, it's simple and elegant at the same time

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