Industrial racking systems: choosing the right design for your storage needs

by Jenn

Are you tired of the chaos in your garage, overflowing closets, and messy basement? Then get ready to enter the industry of industrial racking systems. They are Ideal for organizing as you learn how to pick the racking style that best fits your requirements. Need a bit more guidance? Keep reading to find out ways to tidy up your area using industrial storage solutions

Measure your space 

Measure the space in your house where you plan to install the racking system, the height of your walls, ceiling, and any potential obstacles that could be a hazard to your installation. 

Identify your storage needs 

Now list the things you want to store on the racking systems by size, weight, and frequency of usage. Then it’s time to design how you want to organize them on the racking systems. Very helpful if you want a racking system that works for you. 

Consider the accessibility 

Additionally, think about how you’ll need to access the items placed on these racks. If you need to access them regularly, opt for a design that makes them easy to reach, such as shelving or pull-out drawers. 

Weight capacity 

Make sure that the racking system can support the weight of your belongings safely. As systems have different weight limitations, look for one with the weight capacity to hold your stuff. 

Choose a suitable type 

There are many various racking systems available, so find one that aligns with your storage needs: 

  • Wire shelving: excellent for storing lightweight items in places like the kitchen or pantry. Garage storage racks: suitable for larger and heavier items like sports gear and tools. 
  • Closet organizer items: perfect for arranging closets and storing items like shoes, clothes, and accessories. 
  • Basement/attic racks: made for storing seasonal goods or other random objects. 

Aesthetic appeal 

Additionally, find a design that goes well with the aesthetic of your house. You can even arrange some racking systems in any way you choose, with adjustable shelves or customizable pieces.

Reviews and brand research 

Take some time to read reviews and gather information about trustworthy brands. As it’s helpful to learn from homeowners who have already used racking systems.

You’ll be well-prepared after reading this to choose the industrial racking system that suits your home storage needs and style. Keep these steps in mind before you start the buying process to ensure a clutter-free and organized space!

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