Is he the one? Five comforting signs to help you find the answer

by Jenn

One of the most powerful spiritual indicators that he is the one is that he’s supportive of your dreams. Similarly, your spiritual one will not be afraid to tell you the truth about which of your ambitions are feasible. He will always be true to you and stand by you when you feel let down. Dreams that may appear improbable to people who don’t know you well will be completely supported by your significant one.

If you’re with a guy who makes your soul smile and light up with adoration, you most likely want to keep him in your life forever. It’s hard to tell when you’ve found the one, especially if you’ve never felt true love before. But it’s not impossible to be true to yourself. If you feel like you’ve entered heaven and you and your man want to accomplish the impossible, then you’ll probably do it.

Keep reading to see signs that you’re with the right man and if your beloved one wants you in his life forever. 

You have these thoughts going on in your mind 

Have you ever felt so in love that you could literally see yourself glowing? If so, you know this is how you should feel for the rest of your life when you’re with the right man. When you find your king, you know no other man can make you laugh brighter and love stronger, and you can’t wait to get home back to him. 

Imagining spending your whole existence hand in hand with him only is the most soothing thought to cross your mind. You start to care about issues like health and wealth because you want to live with him forever. You begin to work on yourself, starting with your personality and ending with your looks, and most importantly, you feel yourself wanting to be the queen that he so much deserves.

Would you stay with him in holiday pajamas Canada all day long instead of going out with friends or spending your spare time doing something pleasant on your own? Does your heart skip a beat when you’re complimented while in your pajamas, or do you search the internet for matchy-matchy ones to not forget you are soulmates, not even when you’re asleep? If so, then you know he’s the one. You know what you’ve got to do. Buy some comfortable pajamas and make the time you both put them on for the greatest moment of the day.

You share good times together

Everybody likes to laugh. But not everybody’s funny in the wrong company. Therefore, you two have to share a burst of good laughter in any situation and feel like it’s natural and never forced. If any of you shies away, take some time to get to know each other better because maybe they’re nervous due to too powerful feelings of love.

However, in every relationship, a shared sense of humor is essential. You realize soul chuckles are not the same as surface laughs. This isn’t a foul joke from the comedy channel that will make you both laugh for a split second.

It’s about looking your partner in the eyes and genuinely understanding their sense of humor and what makes them laugh. “Even on a bad day, you have to feel like he brightens you up and that he tries to make a humorous, goofy remark to make you laugh and forget about sadness. 

Your souls never hide

For him to be “the one” for you, you must be “the one” for him. And you’ll feel it when you realize your souls don’t hide in any way. Souls talking and feeling like growing out of your chest with brutal honesty, pride and adoration is a clear sign of true love

If you’ve ever been uncomfortable with someone or felt like you couldn’t keep the conversation going for too long, know that these were clear signs you weren’t that compatible with each other. However, what happens when you actually want to talk with each other forever and always feel like there are too many things to discuss that you just don’t have the time to do it? It happens that you’re in a healthy relationship, and you don’t want to hide anything from each other, and even the most embarrassing incidents make you share a good laugh. 

Your love is unconditional

Love that comes and goes with mood isn’t unconditional; therefore, it’s most likely not true love. So, if your man stands by your side no matter what, it’s a clear sign he loves you. Love meets you at your worst and not your best, so if you want some genuine spiritual signals that he’s the one, look for the man who never leaves your side. 

Not out of duty, obligation and convention but out of love. Unconditional love is highly undervalued nowadays, but it’s present in some parents and certain friends and should be in the ideal relationship. If he loses interest in you due to a crisis or his personal troubles, he is just not spiritually compatible with you, regardless of his other excellent characteristics.

His love is patient 

While the signs discussed in this article should offer some clues that he is the one, it is difficult to be certain. You could question if this is the person that you’ll spend the rest of your life with. So, may receiving some outside advice be beneficial? It’s safe to assume that there are plenty of con artists out there, ready to take advantage of us when we’re most vulnerable.

If he’s been waiting to get intimate with you may or may not be a sign of love. There are love stories that start with a hot night and end with a happy marriage and stories of people who’ve waited years just to realize it was a mirage and are not that compatible in every aspect. 

However, if your man ever mentally or physically constrains you to “make him happy” in ways you don’t feel comfortable, it’s a clear sign he doesn’t deserve you and is not even trying to earn you.

Then you notice a difference

Nothing is the same

Your dreams are all bizarre 

Love comes into play.

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