It’s the Perfect Time to Update Your Walls

by Jenn

Being stuck inside isn’t easy, especially with spring right outside our front door. However, it is the perfect time to give your home a little TLC. Maybe update your walls, it’s the perfect time. Right now you can score a 30% savings on ready to hang canvas prints and aluminum prints at Arkadiant with coupon code JenniferW777.

It's the Perfect Time to Update Your Walls

I’ve heard of canvas prints but never metal prints so I decided to do a little digging and I think it’s definitely something I want to check more into.

It's the Perfect Time to Update Your Walls

What are metal prints?

Well, the image is the image is infused directly into the metal through a process called sublimation, which is done at 400F . So there is no way you can scratch the paint off, they are very durable, waterproof and sound to me like they can withstand the test of time. You can also choose between a glossy or matte finish.

It's the Perfect Time to Update Your Walls not only hunt but capture some of the most amazing moments around the world. After they capture these moments they turn them into beautiful canvas and metal prints for your to purchase. These images are shot with professional high resolution cameras and are professionally edited before they are turned into canvas and metal prints.

These prints are not only high quality prints, but include crisp details and vibrant colors. And to make things a little better all their products are printed and shipped from right here in the United States.

Right now you can save 30% when you use coupon code JenniferW777 at checkout. Learn more about the deal and check out other great deals like this on

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