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Suicide Squad Joker Cupcakes

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Suicide Squad Joker Cupcakes

Suicide Squad Joke Cupcakes Recipe

These Joker Cupcakes are too cool not to share with you all.  I thought this would be a great time to share this recipe with everyone since it’s fall and Halloween will be here in a few weeks.  A lot of people like the Joker and so here you have your very own recipe now to make the cupcakes.

Suicide Squad Joke Cupcakes Recipe

These cupcakes are my daughter’s two favorite colors believe it or not.

Suicide Squad Joke Cupcakes Recipe

These Joker Cupcakes are actually quite easy to make.  Although they aren’t a cake mix from a box, they are still easy to make.  All the ingredients together make a wonderful looking as well as oh so good cupcake.  I can guarantee that your teeth will look mighty pretty when you are done eating them. 😉  Your fingers might be colorful as well.  Not to worry, as all of the frosting will wash off with no problems.  We all wash up right?  YUM!

Suicide Squad Joke Cupcakes Recipe

Aren’t they pretty?  I sure think so!  My daughter gave some of these to her friends and they enjoyed just as much as our family did.  Since she loves these two colors, she really wanted to share with her friends.  They love the colors as well.  We all know these colors go with the Joker theme, so they are perfect.

Suicide Squad Joke Cupcakes Recipe

Give these Joker Cupcakes a try!  Make them for a fall party of your own.  If you decide to make them, I sure would love to know if you did anything differently than what I have done in the recipe below.  I have always enjoyed seeing and hearing what others do differently that I could try as well.  I always welcome and suggestions that you may have for me as well.  Feel free to snag the recipe below on the card provided for your convenience.  Enjoy and Happy Fall Ya’ll.

Suicide Squad Joker Cupcakes


I hope you enjoy these fun and yummy Suicide Squad Joker Cupcakes here are a few more cupcake recipes.

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  1. Amy Green February 20, 2017

    I finally got to see Suicide Squad! I don’t care what anybody says, I really like Jared Leto’s performance. It’s such a fun movie. Actors Viola Davis, Will Smith and Margot Robbie are perfect. These cupcakes are great for a Batman (or circus, ha ha) fan anytime of the year!


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