Keep Comfy and Cozy All Year Long With Luxear

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It’s that time of year again when it can be chilly and then turn hot in an instant. It’s nice to have those summer rains and those warm evenings to spend with the family. Cuddle up on the couch with your favorite movie or out on a camping trip, they both are perfect for making memories. Even in the winter having the Luxear Cooling Blankets paired with the Luxear Pillowcases has proven to be a blessing for our little family.

The Luxear Cooing Blanket keeps you covered and right at that perfect temperature. Pair that with Luxear Cooling Pillowcases and it is an ideal fit. Here are 4 great ideas to keep you and yours comfy and cozy with the Luxear Blanket and Luxear Pillowcases all the way into every season for years to come.

Couch Potatoes

If you and your kiddos aren’t too keen on the outdoors this time of year, there isn’t anything wrong with vegetating on the sofa for a movie binge. Grab your favorite snacks and pick your favorite trilogy and snuggle under the Luxear Blanket. It is made with quality Japanese ultra-breathable soft fibers and with the numerous sizes options to choose from, you’ll have plenty of room to cover everyone.

The quality of the fabric will keep everyone cozy and cool so there isn’t any worry or fuss. I enjoy my king-size blanket because I have a tall boyfriend and two small pups that think they’re the size of Great Danes, so it definitely helps to think big. Also, a great plus is that it is machine washable and goes great on your bed or the couch, sofa, or loveseat to add an extra accent.

Cool Pillow Dreams

Sleep is a necessity and sometimes it’s hard to do when you have a heat wave coming through. Lately, there have been more than-average temperatures all across the globe. No one wants to wake up in a sweaty dream state. The Luxear Pillowcases are made with cooling and cotton fiber.

Keep Comfy and Cozy All Year Long With Luxear

They are anti-static, skin-friendly, and machine washable. The Luxear pillowcases allow air to flow and keep our heads cool and our core temperature at a comfortable temp to make sure we have a restful sleep. The soft fabric and breathable fibers are perfect to reinsure we wake feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day each morning. Even better for a late afternoon power nap, these pillowcases are an answer to those heavy eyelid woes.

Once Upon a Fort Night

It’s always fun to go camping. However, the weather isn’t always so agreeable. Why not take the outdoor escapade indoors and turn your living room into the great outdoors? Bring your Luxear blanket and some chairs and your Luxear-covered pillows into your own space and make your own campsite.

Keep Comfy and Cozy All Year Long With Luxear

It’s great to tell some ghost stories and make some snacks. It’s a perfect time to make new memories and find new ways to enjoy each other’s company. Also, maybe make it a tradition during the colder times of the year because these blankets and case will still keep you warm in the colder months too!

All in the Family

Whether it’s on the couch, outside, in the living room, or where your imagination takes you, being together is what truly counts. The Luxear cooling blanket and soft, breathable Luxear pillowcases are durable and will keep you cool, comfortable, and warm whenever you need them.

The unique fabric and fibers used to make the Luxear blankets and pillowcases are sure the last through every occasion and are definitely going to keep your family and friends smiling. I know my family and pups are happy with ours. Please enjoy yours as much as we’ve enjoyed ours. To make it even better, here are some discount codes that don’t expire until December 31, 2023:

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