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Keep Those Digits Warm with Heat Holders


What’s the old saying…. Warm hands, warm heart, or something like that?  You won’t have to worry about keeping your hands warm with a pair of the Heat Holders gloves.

Keep Those Digits Warm with Heat Holders 

While I enjoy the very comfortable weather at a balmy 78º today, I know not everyone is experiencing such warmth.  In fact, there are many cities in the United States that still have snow on the ground, and that means low temperatures.  However, even though the calendar shows that it is spring, and the department stores have displayed all their spring and summer attire, it is hard to find a retailer who still stocks those necessary garments for protection against the elements.  If you are lucky enough to find a retailer, more than likely their selection is very limited.  I’m proud to announce that Heat Holders has initiated a new line of hats, gloves and mittens, which you can now purchase any time of the year, hot or cold, rain or shine.

If you are a regular follower of our blog, you might remember the review I wrote for the Heat Holders socks back in November.  The Heat Holders Company was kind enough to send me a pair of their new Thermal Gloves with a Heatweaver insulation liner.


The Heat Holders Gloves are a great addition to the Heat Holders line of products.  The gloves are made with the same insulation acrylic yarn as the socks and provide high performance and superior moisture wicking abilities.  The extra-long looped cushion pile is 100% polyester, which holds in the warm air thus protecting your hands and fingers from the cold weather. 

 One aspect of the Heat Holders gloves that I especially like is the protective cuff that hugs the wrist for extra comfort and warmth.  So many gloves that I have owned in the past fall short of this feature, thus leaving your wrist exposed to the elements.  Another aspect of the Heat Holders gloves is they hold a TOG rating of 2.3.  Now, you might wonder what a TOG rating is.  It stands for Thermal Overall Grade and measures the textile’s thermal ability.  Basically, the higher the rating, the warmer the product is.

The Heat Holders gloves are offered in both men’s and women’s styles.  The men’s sizes run from a medium/large to a large/extra large in both black and charcoal colors, and the women’s sizes run from a small/medium to a large/extra large in both black and purple colors.  Like the Heat Holders socks, the gloves are easy to clean by washing them in warm water and tumbled dry on the lowest setting of your dryer.  However, do not bleach or iron your gloves.

 In addition to the Heat Holders gloves, the company also added mittens and hats to their new line, thus allowing you plenty of protective items from which to choose.  Be sure to stop by their website to check out these new items.



Visit the Heat Holders’ video page on their website, Facebook and Twitter pages for great tips on keeping your hands, and for some fun information. 

Just like the extra pair of Heat Holders socks I ordered following my previous review, I plan to order a pair of their gloves for my husband, so when it turns cold weather again, he can be protected against the elements just as I am.  Be sure to order yours today.

Karen Hand

By biblical standards, I am young, by any other standards, I am young at heart. Living in Florida, married to my wonderful husband Kenny for 29 years. I have two children and two step children. My children are all adults; all are within five years apart in age, and all married with families of their own. I have seven grandchildren in total. When I am not writing on Jenns Blah Blah Blog you will find me spending time with my family.

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  1. tonya rodgersbeute April 4, 2014
    I live in MI, have a vascular condition and I am a diabetic. My favorite color is pink and if these work, we will be repeat customers as my husband is a hunter. Thanks!!
    1. Karen Hand April 8, 2014
      Tonya:They definitely helped keep my feet warm this past winter. Hope you like them.
  2. Deborah D April 4, 2014
    I can't wait to try these. I use a wheelchair and therefore my hands and feet are always colder than everyone else's. Hopefully, these products wil work for me.
  3. Sandra VanHoey April 4, 2014
    These would be wonderful for my kids in the cold Michigan weather as well. Just a very bad winter this year for sure for so many

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