Keeping Dinner Simple and Fun

by Heather Pfingsten

It never ends. “Mom, what’s for dinner?” Kids ask that all the time. Big and little, it’s like a nightly litany. Even when you happen to have an answer ready (in my house that’s about once a month) instead of a blank stare, it inevitably turns into “Uggh, I don’t want that.” Followed by a rousing game of chase the ungrateful kid around the kitchen with a wooden spoon yelling “if you don’t like it then you don’t have to eat or you can make dinner!!” That’s normal right? I’m not the only one doing that right?

Of course one of the best ways to get around that is to actually involve your kids in the dinner creation process and get them trained up to the point they can be on Kids Cooking Championship and they actually want to cook for you every night. That’s a normal desire right?


At our house one of our regular goto meals is pizza. And I don’t mean delivery. That’s expensive (I’m sorry I have to call BS on those $2.50 delivery charges) and unless you have a real local pizzeria you have to rely on a mass produced pizza. Yuck. I prefer to make my own pizza at home, with my little one right by my side helping out. But I would also like my kitchen to survive the process. That means I grate the cheese myself (the little one is still mastering the art of NOT grating her finger tips), and a Mama Mary’s® Pizza Crust for the crust. Mama Mary’s® Pizza crusts allow me to whip up a simple and healthy meal for my family without spending hours in the kitchen. This is great on week nights when we also have to worry about homework (in the 1st grade…seriously) and bath time and quality interaction time (ie the hubby getting to see his daughter for more than two minutes after he gets home from work and before she goes to bed). With a Mama Mary’s Pizza Crust we can just spread on some sauce, sprinkle on some cheese and add whatever toppings her little heart desires (thank goodness we moved on from the infamous gummy worm pizza incident of ‘14). So if you want to make your family a quick healthy meal, head on over to Walmart and pick up some Mama Mary’s® Pizza crust and look for the Foldout coupon booklet. Your family will love you for homemade pizza night.



Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with Mama Mary’s®. Nevertheless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

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Stephanie December 24, 2016 - 1:43 am

My family likes to make mini pizza out of biscuits.


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