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Keeping My Family Safe with Samsung SmartThings ADT Security


I’ve been using my SmartThings ADT Security Starter Pack for a little bit now and I’m honestly loving it.  Not only do I love the flexibility of the DIY home security system but I feel better when the girls and I are home, especially since it’s just us now.  And, there are times when I leave the girls by themselves for short periods of time so the security system helps give all of us peace of mind.

Keeping My Family Safe with Samsung SmartThings ADT SecurityKeeping My Family Safe with Samsung SmartThings ADT Security

  • Connectivity – My personal favorite thing about Samsung SmartThings ADT Security Starter Pack, other than the fact I’m keeping my family safer, is the connectivity.  This system is powered by the Samsung SmartThings hub which means this customizable DIY security system connects to the rest of your smart home devices and will serve as your one central control point.  Yes, your Samsung SmartThings hub serves as a hug for the rest of your smart home derives so you can control them from the hub as well as keep a monitor your detectors and sensors.
  • SmartThings App – You can use the SmartThings app and connect with your smart home.  It’s easy to use and allows you to monitor things wherever you are.
  • SmartThings sensors – These handy dandy little things are awesome.  Now you’ll know when your doors, cupboards, windows and more or open or closed.  When there is movement outside or inside your home.
  • Peace of mind – The Samsung SmartThings Secure Starter kit has given my family peace of mind because we know we are secured by ADT and that help is just moments away if we need it.
  • ADT – Not only are we protecting our home, but we are doing it with ADT professional monitoring services.  Did you know you can get it for less than a $1 a day?

Keeping My Family Safe with Samsung SmartThings ADT Security | Keeping My Family Safe with Samsung SmartThings ADT Security

  • The ADT security hub is easy to use and with a 7” touchscreen control panel everything is easy to see as well.  It also comes with a built-in siren, battery, and cellular data backup.  Oh, and dual encryption wireless technology too.
  • The expansion kit is AWESOME – I’m loving the SmartThings expansion kit.  With the expansion kit, I can protect my family from carbon monoxide, water leaks and smoke.  The exemption kit comes with an ADT Smoke Alarm, ADT Carbon Monoxide Alarm and ADT Water Lead Detector.
  • Get more devices easy – If you need more devices to make your security system complete you don’t have to purchase another kit you can quickly and easily order them from BestBuy.com or head to your local Best Buy and grab the individual devices you need to complete your home security system.
  • No long-term contracts – You can choose from a range of intrusion detection and safety services and get a low month-to-month play without stressing long-term contracts.

Keeping My Family Safe with Samsung SmartThings ADT Security | Keeping My Family Safe with Samsung SmartThings ADT SecurityI currently have a motion detector facing the front door so if anyone comes in they will be noticed right away and I just ordered 3 more of the sensors for the windows.  I currently only have two on the front windows which definitely makes me feel safer but I would like to keep them on all the windows.  Even with dogs in the backyard, I’ll still feel safer with the sensors on the windows in the back as well.

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The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. 


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