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Keysy, The Very First RFID Duplicator


I’ve always liked to visit Kickstarter and check out all the new campaigns.  A few years back I remember seeing a product called Keysy by TINYLABS and thinking how useful something like this would be as a consumer.  I was excited when I learned the campaign was a success and that Keysy consumers can now purchase it for an affordable price.  If you’ve ever lost a keyfob, needed shares access to something, or forgot your work badge at home I’m sure you’ll understand just how valuable a product like Keysy can be.

Keysy, The Very First RFID Duplicator 1So what exactly is Keysy?

The difficult, expensive and time-consuming task of copying keycards and keyfobs is a thing of the past thanks to Tinylabs and their first ever RFID keycard and keyfob duplicator and storage device.

How does Keysy work?

Keysy can not just back up RFID access credentials into a small keyfob, it can backup up to four access credentials into one small keyfob.  Yes, so you can have access to the pool in your apartment complex, parking, your home and work all in one small keyfob.

Yes, so that original keyfob or keycard with costly replacement fees.  If you have Keysy you can leave the original at home and not have to stress the fees that come along with losing it.

Keysy, The Very First RFID Duplicator 2Keysy RFID Duplicator

The Keysy RFID Duplicator allows you to copy up to four 125kHz RFID keycards/keyfobs.  It can emulate the keycards or keyfobs when they are placed in front of the RFID reader.  It can also duplicate any previously read keycard or keyfob on a blank keyfob that is rewriteable.  Using keysy can save you time money and you won’t have to deal with building management.

Keysy Rewriteable Keyfobs

Keysy Rewriteable Keyfobs are small, waterproof and passive.

By copying your own keyfob/keycard with Keysy you can save $50 to $100 off the HOA management prices.  Keysy works with almost all 125kHz RFID keycards/keyfobs.

Keysy, The Very First RFID Duplicator 3Why would I need Keysy?

  • Sharing access to your home with the housesitter, guests, babysitter, significant other, or anyone else you might need to allow access to your home.
  • I used to have a work badge that allowed me access to my place of work.  I can’t tell you how many times I left home without it.  Well, with Keysy you can put your work badge on your keyring so you don’t forget it at home.
  • You can also use Keysy to consolidate up to four different access credentials.
  • Access to shared parking
  • Access to pools, boat docks or any other place of leisure.

How much is Keysy?

You can start copying your own keyfobs for less than $60! Yes, that’s with 5 keyfobs too.  However, right now you can save even more when you purchase Keysy Duplicator and Rewritable Fobs at Tiny Labs.  Save 15% off your purchase of Keysy Duplicator and Rewritable Fots at Tiny Labs with coupon code JENNIFERW777.

To learn more or take advantage of this deal head over to Tiny Labs or check out Tiny Labs on Dealspotr.com.





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