Know the Best Time to Visit Malaysia Along with the Places You Shouldn’t Miss

by Jenn

Southeast Asian countries have places that an avid traveler just cannot miss. These places are budget-friendly and can give you the wholesome experience of traveling and going on vacation for all the relaxation that you need. Also, these are the destinations that can be best explored when one is using the bus services. Malaysia is a popular Southeast Asian country. Some exotic locations can be explored in Malaysia; RedBus provides services all around Malaysia so that one can have all the facilities of traveling across the country using the Bus Services. The bookings can be made online, and if someone needs to enquire more, they can easily contact the customer service of RedBus for further clarifications while planning the trip. 

If one has to decide when they have to visit Malaysia, one must get a closer look at the average temperature range of the country during different seasons. The temperatures in the month of June-August vary from a mild 23 degrees celsius to 32 degrees celsius. The temperature is quite the same during all the other months, except during the summer season, the maximum temperature might see a moderate rise. So, if it comes to temperature, almost all the months are favorable for visiting the country. Malaysia is not a country that sees many variations in the temperatures, and the weather is fairly moderate. The country has a tropical monsoon climate, so it rains most frequently in Malaysia. The best time to visit Malaysia is around the months of December to April because it becomes difficult roaming about the country when it is constantly raining. The monsoon season starts after the month of April, so before that, one can have the best experience of visiting the country of Malaysia. 

Rain is very uncertain in the tropical monsoon climate, which can be experienced across Malaysia. One must carry an umbrella at all times because it even rains in the driest season. So, when visiting Malaysia, a traveler has his/her mind prepared accordingly. Coming to places that can be explored across Malaysia, there are plenty. The month of November is also not bad for making a visit to the place; several locations across Malaysia are best to be visited during the month of November. We at RedBus provide you with a list of places that must be visited during the month of November. 

  1. Kuala Lumpur
  • The capital city of Malaysia is a place that has sights that attracts the most tourists. Another reason for attracting plenty of tourists is that the city of Kuala Lumpur has the best connectivity with all the other cities and towns across Malaysia. The city of Kuala Lumpur can be explored by using the bus ticket online services provided by RedBus, and hence, all the pristine and mesmerizing locations can be explored easily. The weather in Kuala Lumpur is very pleasant during the month of November, and it is best suited for travelers to come and visit the place. 
  1. Langkawi
  • One of the other exotic locations in Malaysia is Langkawi, famous for the Wildlife Park. Earlier, the place was a bird paradise that opened for the public domain in the year 2002. One who visits the place can see exotic species of birds and reptiles which have been inhabited in the wildlife park. The ropeway in Langkawi gives you the entire view of the place’s scenic beauty, located just beside the seashore. The month of November is a great time for visiting the places. The connectivity of Langkawi with the mainland is also good, so travelers and backpackers can easily visit this place. 
  1. Mount Kinabalu
  • The highest mountain peak in Malaysia has a sight to behold. Flora and fauna of the place is completely different from the mainland. Only a restricted number of people are given passes for climbing the mountain peak, and that too under guidance. Mount Kinabalu has already been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, so it is one of the most treasured naturally protected parts of Malaysia that is a must-visit when you visit Malaysia.

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