Learning to Train Dogs: 5 Effective Methods

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Dogs are man’s best friends. They have been domesticated for years and, as a result, have evolved to grow very comfortable around humans. Dogs are loving creatures who are fiercely loyal to their human families. The bond shared between a dog and a human is special. For these reasons, dogs make for extremely popular pets. Dog owners care deeply for their dogs. Part of caring for dogs also includes training them to behave in the appropriate manner. Young dogs, and puppies, must be treated just like human babies and taught good habits and manners. This is possible. In the article, we shall learn about some of the most effective ways to train dogs. 

5 Effective Ways To Train A Dog

The easiest way to train a dog is when it’s a puppy. Pups are more open to learning new things and shaping their behavior when they are given positive reinforcement. Apart from this, dog owners can also employ the following methods to train dogs. 

  1. Give your dog a name

Humans always associate names with a fixed identity. The same is the case with dogs as well. Dogs remember and respond to the sound their owners make while calling them. This is their understanding of a name. It is best to keep dog names simple and made up of fewer syllables. This makes it easier for dog owners to train their dogs. Owners can teach their dogs a name by repeatedly calling them using that name. When a dog responds to its name, owners can give them a small treat. As time passes by, dogs will automatically learn to associate a name with themselves and begin to respond to it with enthusiasm. 

  1. Start with simple commands

Sit, come, and stop are the simplest commands dog owners can start teaching their dogs. ‘No’ is also a simple command. All these commands are associated with simple actions, which are easy for a dog to follow. The tone of voice that a dog owner uses to train a dog is also important. Like humans, dogs have the ability to recognize authority. For this reason, it is best to use a firm voice while teaching your dog anything. If you are a student who is hard-pressed for time to train your dog, you can enlist a write my essay website to write some of your college assignments and save time. You can use the time saved to train your dog to simple commands. Once your dog is proficient in understanding and responding to these commands, you can teach it to execute much more complex actions. 

  1. Be patient and consistent

Patience is key. Your dog cannot learn new tricks or behaviors in a single day. As a dog owner, you must exhibit patience and understanding as you teach your dog anything. The time your dog takes to learn anything directly depends on how patient, consistent and kind you are. If you can establish trust with your dog, it will likely learn things faster. You can display patience with making the experience of learning fun for you and your dog. You can play games with your dog to teach it to hide and seek. Not only that, but you can teach your dog many more games similarly.

Patience and consistency are important in any endevour, especially if you are a college student. If you need help with your studies, have a peek here for some essay-writing advice. You can learn how to write better or simply order an essay and have as much time as you need to train your dog and do other fun activities instead of studying.

  1. Discourage your dog to bite or nip you

During their training period, dogs can nip or bite you. This is dangerous behavior. It is important to discourage this behavior from the beginning itself. The best way to do this is by pretending to be hurt or distressed by the behavior of your dog when it tries to hurt you. It’s okay to exaggerate these emotions. This will tell your dog that you are hurt, and dogs are intelligent enough to know that they mustn’t repeat such behavior in the future.

  1. Give your dog its dedicated space

Like humans who would like to have their own room, dogs would also prefer to have a dedicated space of their own for different things like sleeping, pooping, eating, and more. This will encourage your dog to establish connections between a place and the behavior expected while being in that place. 

Learning to Train Dogs: 5 Effective Methods

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A Few Concluding Thoughts

Dogs can be trained to exhibit several tricks. All that one needs to do is be patient with the dog during the learning period.  With proper guidance, your dog can do any trick per your wish. As evident from this article, it takes patience, kindness and understanding and reinforcement of positive behaviors to train your dogs. To all pet owners who have gotten a dog, we hope the above steps will help you train your furry friend well! 

About the Author – Ruby Butz

Ruby Butz is a veterinary doctor. She has been in this field for many years and, over the course of her work, helped many patients in training pet behavior. She is also a dog lover herself. In her spare time, she writes articles about dogs and publishes them online.

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