Looking To Make Money Blogging, Affiliate Programs Maybe?

by Jenn

This post may contain affiliate links.  These types of ads help us keep things going, and us earn a little extra money.  I will never post anything that I feel is spammy or not of value to my readers.

If you’re a blogger you know we have expenses, if we plan on keeping our blogs going, or even better making money blogging it’s important to monetize your blogs.  I wanted to share an awesome way for you to monetize you blog, and post quality posts for your readers!  I have to be honest, I’m not big on affiliate programs on my blog.  I truly do not use a lot of them, but there are some that I really like, and know many of my readers enjoy too.  In my opinion it’s okay to take advantage of affiliate programs, but only if it’s something you’re readers are going to enjoy.  The last thing you want to do is post something that is spammy.  That’s just going to send your readers running for the hills, and you cannot blame them.  There’s enough spam on the internet without us bloggers adding to it.

There’s some great offers out there that can help you make money blogging, that your readers will really enjoy.  Just be sure to check them out first.

I recently signed up with RewardIt Meida’s Affiliate Network, and so far have been pretty happy with their affiliate program.  Right now they only have a few offers, but they have told me they have many more coming soon.

Plus there is plenty more great offers, and more to come.  So far I’m happy with their affiliate program, I actually received my approval email today.  So I headed over to check out their offers, and yepie I think many of you will be very happy and excited to give them a try.  Approval time took about 12 hours, which is pretty darn fast, and I received a nice email letting me know I was accepted in the program.  It was very welcoming, and they let me know I could contact them for whatever I needed.  So far so good, what can I say I’m HUGE on customer service.  Having open lines of communication is very important to me, I’m much more likely to stick with someone I can communicate with than someone I just get emails from now and again.  Anyway, enough of my blah-blah’s you know where I am going with all this.

I honeslty do not post many affiliate links on this blog, maybe one in a great while.  I’m no pro when it comes to affiliates either, I am just sharing that they are out there…  If you want to join the opportunity is there for you, and if not that’s totally okay too.

So if you’re looking to make money blogging with some good offers you might want to swing by and check out RewardIt’s Affiliate Network.

Join RewardIt’s Affiliate Network here.

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Widyaning July 30, 2013 - 2:09 am

I am starting to make a blog, sometimes I hope can monetize my blog, so thanks for this post, broad me about monetizing my blog.

Jennifer D. April 27, 2013 - 2:08 am

Thanks for sharing this. I’m not a new blogger but I am fairly naive sometimes. So I love getting these tips from people who have been there before me :-)


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