Losing Or Shedding Hair Prematurely? Ways To Combat The Trauma

by Jenn

Do you think your hair is the only beautiful and unique feature of your appearance? Would you give anything to ensure its longevity?

The truth is that losing your hair at a young age can be particularly difficult to deal with and can be linked to lowered self-esteem, decreased confidence, and mental health issues. The hair loss may be drug-induced, genetic, or a sign of stress. Also, any treatment aiding regrowth or transplant falls in the ‘cosmetic’ category and does not get a health insurance cover. 

Research suggests that people with hair loss often have a fractured self-image and higher levels of anxiety and depression, consequently requiring them to prepare themselves for self-perception and interpersonal relations. Some therapy or consultation with psychiatrists can help keep their confidence and avail every possible opportunity to address permanent or temporary hair loss. You might also want to try various hair care methods to find one that makes you feel better about your appearance.

Keep reading about ways to combat the trauma of losing or shedding hair prematurely.

Consult a doctor

Bring your hair loss or shedding concerns to the attention of your doctor. List your personal information, including family history, major stresses, and medications.

In the limited time with the doctor, clarify all your doubts, like ask if the hair loss is permanent or temporary and if there are any lifestyle restrictions or changes in diet. They might ask when the thinning or Alopecia first began and if there’s a history in your family. 

To prevent the change in appearance from affecting you, your doctors might refer you to a psychiatrist. Answer all their questions clearly and make it a habit to follow what’s prescribed.  

Be practical

Hair loss is one of the most common complaints encountered in cosmetic practices. An observant eye that takes in every detail, like scalp inflammation and hair loss, can aid when consulting a doctor. 

Dermatologists can get to the root of the problem and recommend the best hair loss treatment approach. It’s upto a patient, based on affordability and pain threshold, to choose a treatment that slows the rate of hair loss. In particular cases, hair loss treatments may allow the thinned hair to be regrown.

With the advancements in science and technology, a person who is prematurely losing or shedding hair can choose between cosmetic camouflage, styling, hair appliances, and surgical intervention.

Find a suitable hairstyle

Hair loss or shedding is often a major cause of distress. In some cases, even a systematic approach, including history taking, clinical examination, laboratory evaluation, and specialized tests, can’t regrow the lost hair. 

Male-pattern baldness is often characterized by a receding hairline or thinning of the hair on the back or vertex of the scalp. Women tend to keep their hairline but with thinning hair. Lately, many celebrities, like Selma Blair and Viola Davis, have opened up about having Alopecia. One can take inspiration from bald men like Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson. Also, shaving isn’t the only option. You can choose a hairstyle, wear a hat/bandana or do anything that goes with your personality!

Be careful with haircare products

Healthy hair care is important for all. If you’re worried about exacerbating your hair shedding, consult your dermatologist to find out the root cause. Toxic chemicals could cause it in your styling gel or shampoo, giving you initial and short-term gratification. 


Nobody wants frizzy, dull and unhealthy hair. Also, washing your hair twice a week can do more harm than good. So follow the above points to combat the trauma of losing or shedding hair prematurely.

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