Maxi the Taxi Dog Comes to Life with Augmented Reality + Enter to Win a Trip to NYC

Do you remember reading Maxi the Taxi Dog books as a child?  It’s a classic children’s book that was published about 25 years ago.  Not only do I remember reading the books as a child, but I’ve also introduced my children to the Maxi the Taxi Dog books and thanks to Playing Forward there is now an incredible Maxi the Taxi Dog app.

If you are not familiar with the story I’ll share a little bit with you.  Maxi was a stray dog in New York City found in a park by Jim the taxi driver and takes Maxi home.  Yes, then Jim the taxi driver takes Maxi with him to work every day.  And, I’m going, to be honest, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the app.  I grew up reading the children’s books and in many cases, the books are better.

Maxi the Taxi Dog Comes to Life with Augmented RealityMaxi the Taxi Dog Comes to Life with Augmented Reality

However, I don’t know if that is the case with the Maxi the Taxi Dog app!  I mean the books are amazing and I continue sharing them with my children, but the app is just incredible.  It’s definitely a cool way to bring to life a classic children’s book published 25 years ago.

When I say bring to life, I mean really bring to life using two storytelling modes:

Maxi the Taxi Dog app1.) 3D storytelling mode allows the user to watch Jim and Max drive around New York City in their taxi.  By tapping on the screen you can change views.

Maxi the Taxi Dog AR2.) Augmented reality storytelling mode is by far our favorite. By simply tapping the augmented reality button you can bring Maxi the Taxi driver and his friends to life, right in your living room.

Maxi the Taxi Dog Comes to Life with Augmented RealityWith the Maxi the Taxi Dog app children can watch, read or listen to the animated 3D story.  Children can choose between full narration or read-a-loud storybook modes.  If a child chooses to read to themselves and get stuck on a word all they have to do is tap the word and the app says the word for them.  If they choose to have the story read to them all they have to do is tap the talking icon.

When you download the app you start off with 25 coins which my youngest daughter really appreciated because she was able to personalize Maxi and Jim.  She had a blast changing bandanas, eye colors, body types, and more.  There is also a random customization option and each personalization costs five coins.

I do admit, I wish the Maxi the Taxi Dog app would have come with some directions.  I had a difficult time figuring out how to continue the store.  My kids were able to figure it out rather quickly.  Come to find out you swipe left to continue the store and right to go back a page.  Which honestly makes sense.  I think I was thinking too hard about it and made it more difficult than it needed to be.

You can download Maxi the Taxi Driver in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store to learn more head over to

Maxi the Taxi Dog Comes to Life with Augmented RealityEnter to Win a Family Fun Weekend in New York City

To help celebrate the release of Playing Forwards first story-based apps with cinematic-quality 3D animated stories and characters that come to life in our homes with augmented reality!

Grand Prize

  • Get a STEAM-powered weekend full of play and exploration in Manhattan for a family of four!  So what’s all included in the prize?
  • Air transportation
  • Visa fit card to cover your meals
  • Museum Tickets
  • Two-night hotel stay
  • Personalized experiences at the Children’s’ Museum of the Arts and the Natural History Museum.


  • The runner-up with receiving a new 9.7 inch, 32GB iPad with WiFi connectivity!

To enter the family fun weekend sweepstakes head over to Playing Forward.


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