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Awesome Milk Dud Cupcakes Recipe

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Awesome Milk Dud Cupcakes Recipe

Milk Dud Cupcakes recipe

Milk Dud Cupcakes are one of the best cupcakes I have had thus far.  The kiddo’s and my husband love them.  As you know cupcakes are my favorite sweet.  The thought of Milk Duds brought to life these amazing cupcakes.  My husbands favorite is caramels and bringing home milk duds bring a smile to his face.

Milk Dud Cupcakes Recipe

When I told my husband that I was making milk dud cupcakes, his first thought was that I was actually using milk duds inside the cupcakes themselves.  I told him that is not the case, but they will be on top and the whole cupcake will taste delicious and leave you wanting more.  He always has a huge sweet tooth, although he is not supposed to have sugar because he is a diabetic.

Milk Dud Cupcakes recipe

My children loved these as well.  My son wouldn’t stop taking the milk duds off the top.  He enjoyed eating his first before eating the rest of the cupcake.  He would eat the milk dud, the icing, and then the cupcake.  Not me, I would bite into them so that I got all of the flavors together.  It was AMAZING and oh so delicious!

Milk Dud Cupcakes recipe

These cupcakes are one of the best cupcakes as far as taste.  If you enjoy caramel or milk duds either one, then you will love this incredible, delicious cupcakes recipe.

Milk Dud Cupcakes

Have you ever made Milk Dud Cupcakes?  If you have, do you make them differently?  What do you differently if so?  If you haven’t ever made them or haven’t tried them, we hope that you will use this recipe to make some for your family.  Once you do, come back and leave us a comment letting us know how they turned out.  Did your family enjoy them?  I sure hope you love these Milk Dud Cupcakes like my family does.



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