Minbie Bottle Teats That Mimic Breastfeeding

by Jenn

Minbie is an Australian company who had spent more than a decade testing designs of bottle teats before they finally created a unique nipple designed to support breastfeeding efforts. 

minbie baby bottle teatsWhen I was pregnant with my daughter, I thought breastfeeding was going to be easy and come naturally – everything else did.  Breastfeeding a baby isn’t always as easy as it sounds or come as quickly as you’d like.  Then there are the times when mom has to return to work, parents choose to bottle-feed, or things happen and breastfeeding isn’t an option.  With my daughter, I breastfeed and bottle-feed, which was nice when Mattie went to daycare.  It made things easier for her and myself because I missed her so much already, I can’t imagine wondering whether she was taking to the bottle for her daycare provider.  Which is where Minbie comes into the picture…

bottle teatsMinbie’s bottle teats took 13 years to design, but it’s one of the most innovative bottle nipples available.   Minbie are extremely beneficial for a number of reasons –

  • New moms with newborns who are having problems latching on
  • Premature babies
  • Moms returning to work
  • Moms who wish to breastfeed and bottle feed. 
  • Newborns who need to be bottle feed

The Minbie bottle teats are not only great for moms who are learning to feed, but baby too. 

My daughter was both breastfeed and bottle feed, which made returning to work easier for us both, but I do wish I would have had Minbie bottle teats because they are a comfortable way for babies to feed that supports continued breastfeeding and helps to reduce nipple confusion. 


minbie bottle teatsThe design of the Minbie bottle nipple helps to promote a strong, intuitive latch that is similar to breastfeeding.  It’s also air-vented so it can adjust to your baby’s sucking motions.  It helps to aid digestion by encouraging the release of ingestion of natural enzymes and saliva.

Minbie provides baby with nurtures the baby’s natural jaw feeding, digestive development, and the feeding action releases the baby’s digestive enzymes, which also helps baby sleep better between feedings.  Minbie bottle teats also allow baby to control the reed rate – anti reflux – and sustainable latch and good venting – anti-colic. Minbie teats can be purchased in Minbie Prem, 0M, and 3M+.

Using Minbie bottle nipples are super easy, and my sister-n-law likes them so much she plans to buy more shortly.  They are easy to prepare for us on the go.  As my sister-n-law plans to go back to work so being able to breastfeed and bottle, feed is necessary to her.  The Minbie bottle teats couldn’t have come at a better time and using the bottle came more natural to the baby than it I thought it would have.  I asked my sister-n-law how she liked the Minbie teats, and she said they had helped her become more comfortable about going back to work.  The baby has taken to them beautifully, and there hasn’t been any significant issues switching from the bottle to the breast, breast t bottle,, etc..

Minbie bottle teats are made of high quality German sourced soft silicone, certified biocompatible and can be purchased in Minbie Prem, 0M, and 3M+.

You can learn even more about Minbie by checking out this video and visit Minbie.com.

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