Mobile Phone Photography Tips – Take Better Photos

by Jenn

So many of us have a great digital camera that we are not even aware of, our mobile device.  Our cell phones are an awesome option for taking photos and sharing them.  Not only do we almost always have them handy they are convenient for not only taking pictures but sharing them with family and friends.

To help get you started here are a few mobile phone photography tips to help you take better photos.

Mobile Phone Photography Tips - Take Better Photos

Mobile Phone Photography Tips – Take Better Photos

Make sure your mobile phone lens is clean – We keep our phones in our handbags, pockets, and elsewhere the lens tends to get dirty rather easily.  Be sure to keep your lens free of dust, fingerprints, and other debris.  You will notice a vast improvement in the quality of your photos.

I recommend cleaning your lens before taking any pictures with a soft lens cloth.  Be careful when using certain cleaners because they can scratch your lens.

Be ready

If you are out and about and think you might run into something photo-worthy.  So keep your phone in camera mode so you can quickly and easily get that photo.  You’ll also want to make sure your phone is charged, and you have an extra battery pack.  I think we have all had a picture perfect moment and a deal mobile device at least once.

Light, light, light and avoid that flash

Good lighting is essential.  If you are trying to get, quality images forget your phone even has a flash.

Mobile Phone Photography Tips - Take Better PhotosAvoid using auto settings for everything

Stop using the auto settings.  You don’t want everything set to auto you’ll get far better photos if you learn how to use the different settings available on your camera app.

Download a camera app

There are tons of great 3rd party apps that you can download in your devices app store to help give you more control when taking photos.

Mobile Phone Photography Tips - Take Better PhotosPerspective

Don’t take every image standing up!  Have some fun with it and get things from a different viewpoint.  Try laying down, getting on your knees, stand on a tree stump, etc.  Try capturing different perspectives of the same subject.

Steady does it

Keep your mobile device steady when taking images, especially when you are using a slow shutter speed which allows more light to hit the camera sensor.  If your camera is not stable when using slow shutter speeds your photos will likely come out blurry.  However, once you learn to use slow shutter speeds, you can have a lot of fun with the motion blur.

Pay attention to the background

Pay attention to what’s in the background of your image.  The last thing you want is a cluttered background to pull attention away from your photo.

Take more than one shot

Be sure to take multiple shots of the same subject.  The chances of getting that quality photo with your first shot are slim so take more than one from different angles.

how to take good photosLearn to edit your photos

Editing your pictures is essential and allows you to create a style that is all your own.  The best way to learn to edit is hands on seeing what does and doesn’t work for you.

Create your own style

Everyone has their own style, the only way to create yours is by practicing and figuring it what does and doesn’t work for you.

Mobile Phone Photography Tips - Take Better PhotosStart practicing on something easy

Taking photos of plants and flowers might be a perfect place for you to start practicing.  You’ll learn about outdoor lighting, have plenty of colors to play with and have something beautiful and still to practice your mobile phone photography.

Mobile Phone Photography Tips - Take Better PhotosKnow what you are taking a photo of

If you decide to take pictures of plants, flower, trees, etc. know what you are taking a picture of.  I know it’s difficult to always know all of the different plants out there so you might consider downloading PlantSnap!  It’s truly an outstanding app for anyone.

plantsnapPlantSnap App

Next time you see a flower, plant or tree while you are out enjoying nature and want to know what it is called all you have to do is grab your mobile device, open the PlantSnap App, snap your photo and BAM, the PlantSnap app will handle the rest.  Not only will they provide you with the name of the plant but also information.

It’s happened to all of us.  We’ve been hiking, camping, going for a walk, or even in our friend’s backyard and wondered what a species of that flower, tree or plant was.  That’s what makes PlantSnap so awesome – no more wondering!  Simply snap your picture, and within seconds PlantSnap will tell you with it is using their robust plant data base!  And, don’t stress those pesky ads, PlantSnap is ad free and user-friendly.

Mobile Phone Photography Tips - Take Better PhotosPlantSnap recognizes TONS of species of trees and plants.  Currently, it can help you identify 103,000 different species of trees and plants and very soon it will recognize all of them.  This covers most of the species you will find in Europe and North America.  PlantSnap is currently adding 50,000 species per month and if you happen to run into a species it can’t recognize, just shoot them an email it to them.  The app will update automatically and there is no extra charge.  PlantSnap hopes to cover almost every plant

Mobile Phone Photography Tips - Take Better PhotosPlantSnap is an awesome app for your mobile device that will assist you in identifying different plants flowers and trees. It’s easy to use, I just know you are going to love it. To use PlantSnap all you have to do is snap a picture of the plant you are wanting to identify.  Yes, that’s it snap a photo and PlantSnap will tell you what it is.

Mobile Phone Photography Tips - Take Better Photos

If you would like more information about the plant, flower or tree you’ll find a link at the bottom of the page to where you can learn even more.

Whether you are trying to improve your mobile photography or just enjoy mother nature the PlantSnap App is worth the download.  You can currently download the PlantSnapp app for your Android device and your iPhone by visiting

This is a sponsored post written by myself for PlantSnap App.  All opinions are my own. 
Mobile Phone Photography Tips - Take Better Photos

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Armando Rincon September 28, 2017 - 3:59 pm

Nice tips, my biggest one is don’t use the default cam app.


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