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BuzzHave you been considering starting a blog and wondering how to make money blogging?  Welcome to the club.  Not really, I’m playing.  It takes time to get your blog generating income but it is totally doable, but I do suggest signing up with different places so you can get paid to blog sooner than later.

I’ve been at it for several years, I don’t claim to know every place you can get paid to blog but I know a few and I’ll continue to update this as I find them.  If you know of one that I don’t have listed please feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment and we will get it taken care of.  We are all in this together and have to help one another out.  If it wasn’t for the few kind bloggers I have come across I might have left long ago te

Get Paid To Blog! How to Make Money Blogging

Below I have listed a few places you can get paid to blog.  Even if you are just starting out I suggest applying to them to see which ones you can get accepted to so you can learn a little more about how things work.  Also, if you have questions about creating a blog and making money feel free to hit me up, I’ll do my best to help anyone I can.

Places You Can Make Money Blogging
Ongoing List of Top Blogging Sites

Here are a few top blogging sites to help you earn money with your blog!

Wondering where all the blogging websites that pay you are?  Great, we have an awesome list of places you can monetize your blog with!  Whether you are just starting out or been blogging for years you might find a few places you didn’t know you could get paid to write stories, reviews, and more online!

  • Media.net – Sign up and place ads on your blog with Media.net
  • IZEA – IZEA was the first site someone told me to sign up with.  So I highly suggest you Join IZEA.com.
  • Gourmet Ads – Earn money with Gourmet Ads by clicking here.
  • Mom It Forward – Another great place you can get paid for blogging is Mom It Forward.  Be sure to head over to MomItForward.com and sign up.
  • ShareASale – ShareASale is another way bloggers can generate income using affiliate marketing.  Visit their website at ShareASale.com.
  • Socialix.com – I think they recently changed their name, I can’t remember what they changed it too.  I’ll update this as soon as I’m at home.    To sign up visit Socialix.com aka MomsAffiliate.com.
  • Link Vehicle – LinkVehicle is another place I would sign up with, they don’t have a lot of opps I sign up for but they do have them from time to time.   Visit LinkVehicle.com and sign up.
  • Cooperatize – You can sign up by visiting Cooperatize.com.
  • Weave Media – Weave is a community consisting of bloggers who only have 7,500-20,000 monthly page views.  www.weavemade.com
  • Bethany House Blogger Review Program – If you are into book reviews be sure to swing by and check it out.
  • Buzz Seeker – Product samples, competitions for your readers, contest, paid exclusion, exclusive events, competition prizes and more.  Head over to BuzzSeeker.com.
  • Bloggy Moms – Sign up with Bloggy Moms if you haven’t already.  You can find them on their website – BloggyMoms.com.
  • Bookieboo – Ambassadorship, Twitter parties, sponsorships and more. Visit Bookieboo.com.
  • US Family Guide – Visit USFamilyguide.com/
  • Simply Sassy Media – You can sign up or learn more on their website – Simply Sassy Media.
  • Ignite – Whether you are a blogger, vlogger or pinner they have good stuff going on.  Head over to IgniteSocialMedia.com to sign up.
  • StilettoMedia.com – They have different kinds of opps for bloggers, especially Latina Bloggers.  Visit their website.
  • Blog Release – I am thinking I am going to check out my profile because I have heard a few good things.  Visit BlogRelease.com.
  • One2OneNetwork – I have been with them for a while and love it.  Sign up at One2OneNetwork.com.
  • Healthy Green Network – Green bloggers be sure to check them out you never know.  Visit HealthyGreenNetwork.com.
  • Designed for Digital’s Best Dressed – Fashion bloggers swing by and check out Socialte.co and join.
  • Double Duty Divas – Head over to their website and learn more about the Double Duty Divas.
  • Clever Girls Network – Head over to the Clever Girls Network here.
  • The Niche Parent Network – Social, Savvy, and totally awesome and you can sign up with them on their website.
  • The SITS Girls – Learn more about them, and everything they do by visiting their website here.
  • Sponsored Reviews – I honestly don’t use Sponsored Reviews much, but you might do better.  Join Sponsored Reviews here.
  • Best Buy Blogger Program – Sign up here.
  • Pay U2 Blog – Swing by and submit your application here.
  • Blogsvertise – Swing by and sign your blog up with Blogsvertise here.
  • Social Fabric – Swing by and visit Social Fabric here.
  • Mom Central – You can visit their site here.
  • Link from Blog Visit Link From Blog to sign up.
  • BlogHer – Visit BlogHer.com.
  • Blog PR Wire – Learn more about Blog PR Wire by visiting them on their website here.
  • BloggaBase – Learn more and how to use them to monetize your blog on their website here.
  • Linqia – You can click here to get started.
  • Find Your Influence – To monetize your blog  Sign up with Find Your Influence here
  • Centerpoint Media – Click here to learn more & join.
  • Short.st – Click here to sign up or learn more about Short.st.
  • Mommerce.com – Click here to learn more.
  • Shoutly – Sign up at Shoutly.com.
  • Top Ten Hen – I know several bloggers who have done well with this, click here to sign up and check it out.
  • themidgame – You can learn more about themidgame on their website themidgame.com here.
  • BoostInsider – You can learn more by signing up at BoostInsider.com.
  • TapInfluence – Be sure to join TapInfluence here.
  • Buzzoole.com – Make money blogging with Buzoole, I have not used this platform but a few times so far I’m happy with the results and I love that you can keep track of your campgin on using their website.  To get started head over to Buzzoole.com.
  • Triberr – You can get paid for blogging using Trberr.com.  They do several different things you’ll have to check them out at triberr.com.
  • Buzz Seeker – Buzz Seeker is another place you can make a little money writing. Sign up by visiting Buzzseeker.com
  • Blogger Base – Learn more by visiting Bloggabase.com.
  • Media.net – If you are looking for another place to run ads on your website you can check out Media.net.  I know several bloggers who use their ads and are very happy with them.  I currently am using another company but wanted to share Media.net.
  • Bidvertiser.com – Get paid for clicks.  To learn how to earn money with Bidvertiser head over to Bidvertiser.com
  • Global Influence Network – If you like sponsored posts and things of that nature head over to Globalinfluencenetwork.com.
  • House Party – If you like hosting parties be sure to head over to Houseparty.com and sign up.
  • Sway Em – I’ve done a few sponsored post with Sway Em, but nothing recently.  However, I would still sign up in case something comes your way.  Join by visiting SwayEm.com.
  • Buzz Seeker – You can sign up to be a social influencer with Buzz Seeker and get everything from free samples to paid posts.  Sign up at BuzzSeeker.com.
  • Litfuse Group – Litfuse Group has a fun book review program if you’re interested you can sign up at LitfuseGroup.com.
  • Gourmet Ads – I’ve been running ads with Gourmet Ads for a little while now and I have been happy with everything so far.  You can check them out and learn more by visiting their website Gourmetads.comhttp://tinyurl.com/pahblod
  • Buzzoole – You can earn up to 400 in Amazon Gift Cards through its Referral Program! Visit Buzzoole.
  • Advowire – Earn money with your blog and social media outlets with Advowire.  Visit Advowire.com to sign up.
  • sni.ps – I just joined sni.ps so I have not used it too much but I’ve heard good things.   Click here to sign up
  • Influence Network –  You can use this network to earn money for posting on any social network account, be a brand ambassador, and the signup process is super easy!  To learn more visit Influence.network
  • Infolinks – Info links is a great way to generate income with your blog and it’s super easy.  Info links works great for publishers and advertisers and their self=service marketplace not only allows you to customize your own campaign but makes delivering the brands messages easy using different ads like InFold, InTag, InText and Inscreen.  The best part is that it super easy to sign up with Infolinks.

There are tons of ways to you can generate income with your blog and we’ll keep adding more ways as we find them.  Be sure to swing back often to find some of the best ways we have earned money with our blog.  If I have not used a service, I’ll be sure to tell you, but 90% of the ones added are services I personally use.

Make Money Blogging or Not Blogging with Ebates

I have made more than $1500 in cash back from Ebates. It’s not only a great way to make money blogging but for anyone who shops online to earn cash back or extra money for telling friends.  If you shop online, visit Ebates first, search the store you buy from – Sears.com, Kmart, Walmart, Amazon, and more to earn cash back.

  • This month alone just in cash back, I have earned over $450, because I visit this before buying anything.  I have made larger purchases online, but by visiting Ebates before buying, I earn cash back I think I earned 6% from Sears, 4% from Walmart, 5% from Amazon, and so on.  Highly suggest this for anyone who shops online, and don’t forget to tell your friends because you can earn cash back.  Bloggers tell people because this is a great service.  Learn more about Ebates here.

If you can think of other places one can one can get paid to blog be sure to shoot me an email or leave a comment.

Yes, you can make money blogging, but it is a lot of hard work and many hours do go unpaid so it has to be something you love.  Good luck with your blogging venture.

What are ways you make blog blogging?

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