Morning Routines That’ll Keep Your Kids Healthy and Motivated

by Jenn

You’ve probably had a few sleepy mornings in your life when you decided to turn off the alarm clock. When you finally woke up close to noon, you may have felt both refreshed and defeated. In other words, missing the entire morning means that you’ve lost out on a lot of the day. Consider some tips to prevent your kids from having this experience and to keep them healthy and motivated instead.

Set an Alarm

During the summer months, your kids might be tempted to sleep all day and to not even bother with the alarm. While you don’t necessarily need to wake the entire family up at the first sight of sunlight, continue to set an alarm for a reasonable hour. If you want to prevent the kids from hitting the snooze button, place the alarm on the other side of the room so that the children have to get out of bed to shut the device off.

Let in Natural Light

Sleeping with the curtains drawn without even a crack of light streaming into the room is a cozy experience. However, being enveloped in darkness as the morning carries on is a demotivating way to start the day. Let the kids know that by a certain time each morning, you’re going to open up the curtains. It’s hard to stay in bed when the beautiful rays of the sun are beckoning.

Make Breakfast

While you need some time to relax, think about how a healthy and hearty breakfast really gives everyone the motivation needed for the day. When you have some extra time, look into quick and healthy recipes. Another idea is to prepare a breakfast casserole or overnight oats on a Sunday, which will save you time on the weekday mornings. Cut back on sugary breakfast items. Let the kids know that they’ll probably get a better report the next time they go to the family dentist.

Brush Teeth

When it comes to an ideal morning routine, brushing your teeth should be at the top of your list. Helping your child with better hygiene includes brushing teeth. Brushing teeth two times a day can help your kids feel more comfortable with family dentists. Additionally, when they feel comfortable brushing their teeth, they may even feel excited to talk to the dentist about their tooth progress instead of feeling stressed about visiting the dentist.

Get Outside

Try to get outside as early in the day as possible. Doing so will expose your family to fresh air. You could sign the kids up for a scheduled activity at the local day camp or park. If you have a robust backyard or a pool, encourage the kids to play an outdoor game or to take a dip in the pool. Another idea is to forbid the use of electronics before a certain time of the day.

Staying motivated and healthy is so important for children. Using these strategies can help everyone in the family to feel happier and healthier.

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