Nature Cat: Onward and Pondward DVD Review

Nature Cat: Onward and Pondward DVD Review 1

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PBS Kids recently released on June 5, 2018 the Nature Cat: Onward and Pondward DVD, a Spiffy Pictures production released worldwide by the PBS Distribution. PBS Kids is a station I can trust to bring high quality shows for my children that I approve of and enjoy alongside them. The Nature Cat show is a funny take on cat, Fred, who explores the big outdoors with his friends Hal, Squeeks and Daisy when his owners leave. This show is a great way to introduce the importance of our environment and how much of it there is to explore.

I like Nature Cat because it discusses efforts we can take to help out nature in our day-to-day life or enjoy it without too much trouble in a way that young children can understand. My son’s favorite character is Squeeks, while my daughter loves Daisy. I loved that they discuss objects that are harmful to nature like plastic bags and how we can help out with cloth bags instead. It shows children that nature is something to be appreciated very day and also, why nature is so vital. They present the pesky annoyance of plastic bags out in nature very well, too. After watching the DVD my kids wanted to go out and ask questions about nature and take on a Curiosity List like Nature Cat, of their own.

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We received for review the PBS Distribution release of Nature Cat: Onward and Pondward DVD which my children enjoyed quite well. It is filled with seven nature awareness episodes that will make your children want to run out and explore themselves. This time they both had the same favorite episodes, which rarely happens, one where Squeeks finds gold but loses it. Nature Cat, Hal and Daisy then pan for gold, which both my kids thought was very interesting and kept getting excited when they thought they found gold. Their second favorite, for both, was when Nature Cat tells his friends about his Curiosity List, one he tries to check off an item daily. Both kids found it interesting to find out through their adventure where a stream starts and ends. They also found it exciting to see them on a canoe, which they found it pretty fun as they just recently tried it out themselves. Overall, they enjoyed this DVD and had few same favorite episodes and wanted to go out to explore nature too, great during this vibrant summer.

You can find this DVD on the PBS shop page, currently priced at $9.99. Follow PBS Kids on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for news on the latest episodes for Nature Cat and their other awesome shows.

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