Negativity At Work, How Much Does It Control Your Life

by Jenn

It’s easy to start seeing everything negative but do you know the power negativity at work has over your life. Yes, your whole life? We get caught up thinking our lives suck, our spouse doesn’t do this or that, our job is horrific, we don’t make enough money, someone said or did something that isn’t true. It’s true, life can suck but it isn’t all bad..

Negativity At Work, How Much Does It Control Your Life

I mean rather than seeing your life has bad why not stop to notice the flowers, sounds of your kids laughs, the way the breeze feels when you are working outside. Why not start noticing what your partner does, because I’m willing to bet even though they don’t do what you want them to do a lot you are not taking the time to notice. Be thankful you can work and able to put food in your kids belly.

What I’m trying to say is it is so easy to get wrapped up in life and people are not being enough that it becomes just that. You are left unhappy and setting up your relationships for failure and your negative outlook will help you keep the same job because you won’t think you are good enough.

Everyday people get real life changing news, they lose someone, are diagnosed with a terminal illness and one day it will happen to all of us. Something will happen and we will have regretted the time we spent not seeing the blessings we have right in front of us. We will realize the little things people did that went unnoticed, we missed our kids growing up because we were stuck seeing the negatives in life. We will notice how we neglected to appreciate all the blessings we are forgetting today.

In the end, it’s not going to be the money we miss, the trip our partner didn’t take us on, or the stupid job we had it will be the time we missed enjoying our life, loving the people in it, and stopping to watch our kids grow up. It will be the little things we are missing today because we are stuck wanting more or focusing on what happened.

It seems silly to focus on the negatives when we have so many positives in our lives. We have so many blessings happening today that shouldn’t be missed. We sort of set things up to fail if we choose to only see what isn’t happening the way we want it.

You can empower people to do more but you can’t get more by telling them they don’t do enough. Don’t expect more if you can’t tell someone thank you for what they do and the value they bring to your life. We should want to build our loved ones up.

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