Nixplay Launches Their New Flagship Iris Frame, We Love It!

by Lorena Brockman
When you have people you love in your life, you want to show them off with photos. You can also reminisce about some of the best moments in life just by looking at a photo. We have always used decorative, traditional frames to display the most important people in our life. Picture frames are a great way to show off your loved ones to guests or even clients and coworkers at the office. If you are a camera bug like me and have a lot of photos that you want to display, going through them having to make choices, then putting each one in a frame can be a problem, time consuming and to mention give a cluttered look. Well I’m happy to say my picture sorting days are over! Now I can show off all my favorite family pictures and precious moments at the touch of my finger tips with the new Nixplay Iris!!
Nixplay Launches Their New Flagship Iris Frame, We Love It!
On Thursday September 16th Nixplay,  the leading producer of high-resolution IPS WiFi Cloud Photo Frames and America’s number one selling frame, announced their newest addition, The Nixplay Iris! OMG, we love this frame, no I can add my pictures and even share them with friends and family, all with the swipe of my finger!
Th Nixplay Iris has a premium silk-metal finish bezel, a high-resolution screen and advanced home environment intelligence sensory technology. The frame, coupled with the free Nixplay mobile app, is perfect for anyone interested in connecting and sharing photos with family, friends and loved ones across the globe. That’s right fiends, you can pair this beautiful Iris frame with your cell phone. The Iris comes with everything you need to set up, the frame is simply beautiful and the connector cable doubles as a stand.
The CEO of Nixplay, Mark Palfreeman, says, “Photos and the consumption of images continue to be the world’s greatest uniting medium. But as the number of ways to capture photos expand from smartphones, DSLR cameras and action-cams, all our most special moments are being scattered across more devices and platforms than we can organize,”. “Helping to organize and share photos directly to loved ones in a hassle free and stylish way is our top priority and with Nixplay Iris, we have designed a frame that will shine a new light on every moment shared.”   I couldn’t agree more with CEO Mark Palfreeman, I say ingenious!!
Nixplay provides us with easy to navigate platforms via the web or mobile app, to seamlessly sync and share all of your photos, instantly, with your new Nixplay Iris frame. What’s super cool is they have eliminated legacy technologies like thumb drives or SD cards, the Nixplay lineup uses WiFi connectivity and the cloud to keep you secure and connected, ensuring that you never miss a moment, how cool is this!! The new Nixplay Iris comes in an 8-inch form factor, offers a 1024×768 screen-resolution, with an aspect ratio of 4:3 and is available in Peach Copper, Silver and Burnished Bronze. Other key features include:
  •  Activity Sensor allows the Nixplay Iris frame to turn on when it detects sound in the room to show your most recent photos and off when its quiet
  • Home environment intelligence technology allows the Nixplay Iris to dim and brighten its panel to best display photos according to your ambient light level
  • Power cord doubles as stand
  • Wireless remote
Nixplay Iris joins the already popular Nixplay Seed and Edge frames, together with the updated Nixplay mobile app for iOS and Android. Another awesome upgrade for Nixplay is a new version of the their mobile app that was recently launched, bringing more convenience to mobile customers through:
  • Frame auto detect, allowing customers to pair a new frame to their Nixplay account
  • Frame settings management
  • Mobile remote control to manage frame settings and control playlists
This accompanies the existing mobile app functionality which allows us to capture photos and add captions, then send them directly to any Nixplay Frame for instant display, oh but wait that’s not all, we can also invite our family and friends to share photos with any frame. Anyone can download the Nixplay Mobile App to send photos to loved one’s from anywhere in the world “ALL FOR FREE”, loving it!! As you can clearly see, the Nixplay Iris is stunning and it pairs perfectly with any home decor.
The Nixplay Iris also has an Activity Sensor that turns the frame on when it detects sound in the room to show your most recent photos and stays off when it’s quiet. You can also show off your new Iris frame at the office to display family photos or for commercial use like to display graphs, color charts, high end products or even use it in studios to showcase an artist’s work and so much more. Your Nixplay Iris is sure to be the next “Water Cooler Talk” hot topic!
One of the easiest ways to organize and get in touch with your photographs is with Nixplay Iris! The Iris frame is safe and secure and has settings that are customized to your preferences. You’ll love the HD video play allows you to watch high definition right from your audio devices! The Nixplay Iris will make a wonderful gift for a newly married couple that can’t wait to share their wedding pictures, and a perfect gift for grandparents so they can enjoy pictures of the in a unique eye-catching way.
The new Nixplay Iris is available for purchase on both the Nixplay Shop and, starting today for $199.99. For more information, please visit
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