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Now You Can Have Filtered Water Anytime With RefresH2Go!

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Now You Can Have Filtered Water Anytime With RefresH2Go!


Are you big on your daily water intake? Did you know drinking filtered can improve your health? Of course you did! Well, now you can have filtered water anytime with Refresh 2 Go! I can only speak for myself as I say, I’m the worst when it comes to drinking water!! I honestly do not drink as much water a day as I should and my skin is what reaps the most consequences. My kids & grandkids drink a lot of water daily, I was amazed that my seven-year old grandson would rather have water instead of a juice drink, loving that! Now when it comes to my 23 month old little Miss Novalee, drinking water is a whole different story. She does not like to drink water, and since we are weaning her from the bottle to sippy cup, getting her to consume the recommended amount of water a day has been a challenge!! I’m super happy to tell you, getting Novalee to drink her daily water is no longer a problem thanks to RefresH2Go!!

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Now You Can Have Filtered Water Anytime With RefresH2Go!

What are RefresH2Go Water Bottles, glad you ask..lol! They are reusable water bottles designed with a disposable water filter. RefresH2Go filters are made from all natural coconut-shell activated carbon technology, the premier way to treat drinking water! What’s super cool is one filter is good for about 2 months of regular use (approximately 40 gallons) and it reduces chlorine taste and odor. So simple to use, just fill with water then off you go. Each little disposable filter fits on the end of the straw insert. The water passes through the filter and straw insert, filtering the water as you sip. These have got to be to coolest water bottles I have ever seen and they have the filter built right in!! All you have to do is simply fill up your Refresh2Go Filtered Water Bottle at any tap, drinking fountain or faucet for fresh, great tasting water! They come in a variety of different colors & sizes, and the water filters can be purchased separately, which means there is a RefresH2Go water bottle for everyone in the family to love.


Talk about keeping your daily water intake up, no problems with this awesome filtered water bottle! I have to say my favorite is their Junior, 12 oz bottle, my Niko absolutely loves it too! He enjoys being able to fill it up at school, all his friends think its super cool! Designed perfectly for little bellies & hands, I knew from first glance that baby Novalee will take to hers like a fish to water…lol! It is perfect! Since Novalee is weaning from bottle to cup the RefresH2Go has been a God send! Novalee is now bottle free after only 3 days of using her new RefresH2Go Filtered water bottle!! Look how much they love their new filtered water cups!

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Your going to love the RefresH2Go refillable filtered water bottles! They are so convenient, and saves us money! For more information on how you can own a few of your own, just head on over to the website! You can also stay up to date on great deals & wonderful promotions by liking & following their social networks!

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Becky Schollian

I’m a Certified Nurse’s Assistant from Chula Vista California. With 15 years of experience working Hospice and elder care. Also I’m a proud grandmother of two beautiful children. I’ve traveled as far as Maui Hawaii where I fell in love with the food, beaches, and the fascinating blend of friendlier, quieter country-town vibe. In my spare time I enjoy spending quality time with my grandchildren, cooking, crocheting and hanging out with my dog that thinks he’s a human. Now, being retired, family is my priority and my passion is living life to its fullest.

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