OMG, You Can Build Your Own Swimsuit With Surania!

by Jenn

Summer is starting to wind down and kids are back in school. Now it’s your turn to sport your summer suits and enjoy the kid free afternoons at the pool or even sunbathing on the trampoline (the kids aren’t using it!) Just because fall is approaching doesn’t mean that summer has to end. There is a great way to keep summer going all year round with Surania. Did you know you can design a new bikini or swimsuit for your measurements and mix and match prints and designs? That’s right, and there are so many other great things that Surania has to offer and I’ll tell you all about them! I am excited because OMG, you can build your own swimsuit with Surania!

Surania Title

  • Fit for you

The Surania website is full of different kind of suit styles fabrics, and prints to choose from. The greatest part of the site is that the suits are made specifically to your measurements. During the selection and building of you suit, you can enter your exact measurements. The site measures the bust, waist, chest, hips, and even your bum. Surania makes sure that the suit is made especially for you and there is the best possible fit. It’s like going to a tailor, but these tailors are based in Europe and excel in high fashion, so I would say it has a bit more of an edge.

  • Print for you

There are so many different choices of prints to pick on the Surania website. I designed my suit and I had a hard time trying to decide which ones to finally use for my suit. I decided on black lace and light blue with little white angels. It came out beautiful, but before I came to that decision I was wrestling with tiger print, jungle foliage, and even simple red and white polka dots.


There is practically an infinite amount of combinations to make with the prints and it is a great way to express your personality. Be warned though, it is so fun to mix and match because they give you a preview of what to expect, so set aside some time to do this!

  • Style for you

Just as there are dozens of prints to choose from, there are several different styles of suit to opt for as well. There are one pieces suits and bikini suits. The one piece suits offer cut out sides and backs, low cut front for cleavage, and a low back as well. The bikinis are all different too. There is binkini cut bottoms, thong, or boy shorts. The tops are tube top one pieces or a halter top with triangle or round coverage. I previewed all the different styles paired with my prints and finally found the one that fit me perfectly. Again, the options are great and it really allows you to find the best one for you.


  • Service for you

Ordering a customized swim suit online seemed a little daring for me. Just like ordering anything online, you have to wait until it arrives to be sure it is what you ordered. The people at Surania understand that and offer customer support and I even received a few tips for my body type and size. That is great service for me, it helped to ease my worry about a suit that wouldn’t fit or that would look tacky. They kept me updated on the progress of my suit, from their receiving the order, to packaging for shipment, actual shipment, and finally the transit stages all the way to delivery. Once I received my suit I didn’t expect it, but they emailed me to make sure it arrived and was what I wanted.


  • Fashion for you

The Surania Company is based in Europe and have their foot in a lot of high fashion activity. In addition to the great suits they offer, Surania also has skirts, beach dresses, and other accessories to accent your personalized suit. They know what is on the runways, what prints and colors are popular, and their employees are passionate about fashion. It is great to get a product from a good company, made and ran by people who are excited about what they do. That means the quality is there and you will love what you order!


Summer may be winding down, but that just means there is more time to enjoy the kids being at school! My Surania swim suit was just what I needed to top off my summer and to start a new late summer tradition: sun bathing on the porch. The suit you build will be 100% yours. You design the style, the print, the color, and it is made to your measurements. It is also made in Europe with fashion as a big motivator. So, you’re getting a one of a kind swimsuit that is made just for you that is high fashion, comfortable, and perfect for your body type and style. There is no argument that I love mine and can’t wait to see some of the designs you all come up with too! Be sure to let us know what kind of suit you made for yourself with Surania!

Surania Swimsuit


This post was made possible by Surania and written by me. All opinions and statements are 100% my own.


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Denisa Ivascu October 6, 2015 - 2:10 am

I love the idea. I would like to design my own swimsuit. ^^


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