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How Parents Can Help Kids Have Fun Studying


We’ve all been students before, so we know how it feels when you come home tired from school is still have a ton of work to do. Homeworks, projects, and reports will definitely inspire whining and bored yawns from your kids, but as guardians, we need to make sure that they are able to cope with school work properly.

How Parents Can Help Kids Have Fun StudyingFor instance, every year there are schools which hold the IGCSE exams, or the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. This is basically an exam for schools which offer International Baccalaureate, the results of which will tell your kids if they are qualified. So it’s a lot to handle if there are other school work to do on top of studying for this, right?

What we can do is make studying fun? Yes, you read that right, “studying” and “fun” in one sentence. It is possible to make work exciting for kids and here are some of the techniques you can do.

Create a comfortable study space

One of the first things you can do is to make sure that their study space is not just conducive for learning, but that it is also encouraging them to study. You can help them by setting up a comfortable and creative study space to study in. Ask them what helps them be productive, and make sure these are at least accessible from their space. They might like to watch films while they are studying, so maybe you can set it up near the television. Or they might prefer the quiet so they concentrate, which means no one is allowed to enter their room without permission to go in.

Turn studying into a game

You might have noticed that kids learn game rules faster than their lesson. Think of it this way, when you were kids, the reason you and your friends take the time to discuss game rules is because there are perks like leveling up, bragging rights, and the feeling that you’ve overcome a challenging round. The same is true for kids today. You can make up your game with them with the use of the lessons and concepts in their study material. Make sure they are having fun while playing because that is part and parcel of learning while playing.

You can even turn this into a game they can play with their schoolmates. Ask them to invite their classmates for study group and allow them to play the game together.

Bring in the colors

Prepare stationery and colorful highlighters when your kids start studying and teach them how they can make their reviewers look fun. Colors are known to influence learning. A study has shown that color can influence cognitive functions like memory. You can help them color code their study notes, prepare colorful pens for lettering, and even add cool post-its to mark where they can find certain topics.

Study period need not be challenging for your kids if we help them turn it into a fun activity. Not only will this change how they view learning, but you will also get to have fun guiding them in their path to progress.


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