Perfect Saudi Arabia itinerary for one week

by Jenn

In case you are planning a trip to Saudi Arabia, make sure to be there at least for a week. Although it is impossible to explore and experience the incredible nurture, adventure, and hospitality within those few days, one can certainly get an optimum experience with a well-planned itinerary.

Browse Emirates airlines flight tickets to get the best choices in flights to Saudi Arabia. You can plan in advance and customize the trip based on your necessities. Today, Though Saudi Arabia has become a hot tourist destination among travelers, who can never have enough of its coastal landscapes, archaeological sites, and modern cities.

Perfect Saudi Arabia itinerary for one week

One week in Saudi Arabia

 Here is a well-planned trip to enjoy the complex Arabic culture and history.

Day 1

 Riyadh – Start with the capital of Saudi Arabia and explore its historic buildings and discover Islamic architecture and natural history. Qasr Al-Hokm, Masmak Fortress, and National Museum of Saudi Arabia are a must see.

Day 2

Riyadh – Spend the next day at Riyadh, which is a hub of commerce and culture. Visit the Ad Diriyah and Al-Turaif District to get a historical perspective and enjoy some local shopping and activities. There is plenty to do and see along Wadi Hanifah, and enjoy some breathtaking views from Al Faisaliyah Centre.

Day 3- 

 Jeddah -You can book a flight on PIA airlines to reach the city, which is about an hour away from Riyadh. Explore the bustling commercial port town of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. Take a walk along the beautiful waterfront dotted with green parkland and stretch. Explore historical art and spend some time at the historic houses of coral in Al Balad.

Day 4-

Jeddah- Spend the day by going to Jabal al-Nour and Silver Sands Beach and enjoying the mouthwatering cuisine there. Take a stroll through Al-Balad and admire the local landmark of the Jeddah Flagpole and King Fahd’s Fountain.

Day 5-

Taif- Make a day trip to the region, Taif, which is indeed a paradise for nature lovers. The region is loaded with fruit and rose farms that line up the region. Visit the Turkish Fort and Al Radf Park, which is a small zoo. Have a look at the rock carvings at the site of a pre-Islamic souk.

Perfect Saudi Arabia itinerary for one week

Day 6-

Mecca – Head for Mecca, and it is a must to visit the holy site of the Islamic religion. As some of the sites here are still closed to non-Muslims, be sure to take a tour guide to explore the city. Explore the spiritual surroundings of the holiest city in Islam and take in the awesome beauty.

Day 7-

Medina – Medina is a short drive from Mecca, and the spiritual essence of the city is sure to keep you astounded. Explore the surroundings of Masjid Al Qiblatayn and Al-Masjid a Nabawi. You can make a trip to the Al Baida for sightseeing and enjoy some great views from the higher altitude.

 Now that you have that perfect itinerary on how to spend a week in Saudi Arabia, you can start booking your flight.

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