Pirate Themed Lunch Box Ideas Your Kids Will Love

by Jenn

This post, Pirate Themed Lunch Box Ideas Your Kids Will Love is sponsored by Mom It Forward.  All opinions are my own.

enjoy making my kids fun themed lunches like these pirate themed lunch box ideas. Which I admit, I had a little help in the inspiration department, thanks to Pirate’s Booty! Just don’t tell my kids, they think I come up with this stuff because I’m the cool mom, and I’m going to keep that title as long as they will let me lol.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working Pirate’s Booty again; they are seriously one of my favorite baked, NOT FRIED snacks!

Don’t you love the name; it’s almost as awesome as the aged white cheddar!  Seriously, grab some and give them a try if you haven’t already.

Pirate Themed Lunch Box Ideas

Just love it when I’m able to sneak a fun lunch into my child’s box, so they have a nice surprise when they sit down to eat.  They almost always come home with a cute little grin.  Mattie is the youngest; I guess the younger you are, the cooler a fun lunch makes you because she always tells me how awesome her day was because of her lunch lol.

Mattie wasn’t kidding about the fun themed lunches making her the talk of kindergarten lol.  The other day I went into the classroom and heard whispers from a few kids.  They were asking Mattie if I was the one who made her lunches, lol.  Before I left, I had kids asking me to make them lunches.  Don’t worry they made sure I knew that their moms would not get upset and that they would also be okay with me putting candy into the lunch box lol.

skeleton ship


I’m going to be honest; I had no idea you could purchase them in the individual 1-ounce bags until recently. The 1oz. bags come in limited-edition, 6-packs, with back-to-school themed packaging! I did a little happy dance for Pirate’s Booty the other day, not just because they taste great with the aged white cheddar but because those small 1 ounce bags are going to save me the time when I’m making my kids lunches! Now I will have even more time to come up with lunch box ideas for my kid’s lunches, like this Pirate lunchbox I made for one of my kids.

Pirate Themed Lunch Box Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Making the Pirate Lunch Box is super easy, and you can probably look at everything and tell how I did it, but I’ll give you a short rundown just in case.

  • So, first of all, I always send my kids with water to drink because they need it and well, if it’s in cute little bottles they are all about it.

Pirate Themed Lunch Box Ideas

  • Next, I created the skull sandwich, it was super easy too.  First make whatever kind of sandwich your children like, grab a skull-shaped cookie cutter and use it to cut out the shape.
  • Cut up whatever veggies you plan on putting with their lunch. I used carrots for the ocean, sliced cucumber because they are my daughter’s favorite, and I tried to make a boat out of lettuce.  I don’t know how well the whole lettuce thing worked, but it was worth a shot.  I was going to use cheese for the boats sail, but I decided that a piece of paper with a note on one side and a map on the other would be a lot more fun.

Easy Pirate Lunch Box Idea

  • Also, I cut up some orange boats and drew a little pirate face after I removed 1/2 of the wax covering the round cheese.  The little cheese pirate is my favorite.
  • The rest was super easy!  I grabbed my inspiration and one of my favorites snacks to put in their lunch.  Yes, it’s Pirate’s Booty!  We all love Pirate’s Booty!  It’s the great taste.  Well, that and of course the aged white cheddar, don’t you know.  YUMMY!

Have a picky pirate at home?

Give Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar for your picky pirates!  Mine LOVES THEM!

Pirate’s Booty is a great snack for even those picky lunch boxes.  One of the many reasons I like Pirate’s Booty so much is, well it has to be the aged white cheddar, the fact that they are BAKED and NEVER fried, crunchy, crispy, and it’s a snack the whole family agrees on.  Pirate’s Booty doesn’t contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and thanks to the convenient 1-ounce bags you can save a little time each night when making the kids lunches.

Pirate Booty snacks yummyDid you know that Pirate’s Booty is made from puffed rice and corn with an awesome blend of real aged white cheddar cheese that is baked to perfection?  I love that I can purchase Pirate’s Booty in a large bag. The smaller 1-ounce bags for the kid’s lunches which only contain 140 calories per bag.  However, don’t let that fool you Pirate’s Booty isn’t just for kids, it’s really more for the adults lol.

Pirate Lunch Box Ideas

Before I forget I just thought of another fun Pirate lunch box idea if you don’t have a skull cookie cutter.  Try making a normal sandwich, don’t cut it or anything.  Using an edible pen, draw a map on the top of the sandwich.  If you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich you could even use little raisins or something as landmarks.  Just an idea, it would go great with Pirate’s Booty for sure!

Whether you are already a Pirate’s Booty fan like myself or today is your first day hearing about them you can enter to win some!  Yes, one lucky person will win Pirate’s Booty!  Maybe you could even take a fun Pirate Lunch Box to work, just don’t tell the kids they will be a little upset you didn’t make them one.  However, according to my daughter it’s an easy way to be “cool” for the day lol.

To enter the Pirate’s Booty Giveaway, use the below widget!

Good Luck Everyone!

This is a sponsored post all opinions are my own. I really like Pirate Booty & hope you’ll give it a try if you have not already!

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