Poop Happens?? | The Truth About Owning A Dog

by Jenn


I’m sure most of you already know how much we love our dogs!  They are so much more than pets; they’re members of the family who we love very much.  We have four dogs – Skittles the pitbull, Trip the pitbull, Noodles the Rottweiler and Piper the yellow Labrador and belive it or not they are all rescue dogs.  To this day, I’m not sure how we ended up with 4 HUGE dogs who are full-blooded, LOL. The trust about owning dogs – they are not the cleanest of animals, need a bed to sleep in, get older, and have accidents because poop happens you’ll have to clean it up, but no matter what they’ll always love you more.

quotes about dogsI decided a long time ago I wasn’t going to buy anymore full-blooded dogs, because there are too many dogs out there who need good homes, and when you help a dog out they know what you have done for them and your relationship is something amazing.  I have had plenty of dogs in my life, and the ones I have from the pound, or stolen from people who were not feeding them have turned out to be the best dogs.  Yes, I did steal a dog, it’s Skittles as a matter of a fact.  I don’t’ know if you would call it stealing because he was four weeks old and had worms so bad when he drank his bad end lifted up off the ground because he was so skinny.  It sounds funny, and I admit it was pretty cute, but if I wouldn’t have taken him he would have died. 

Poor guy he was so darn little, skinny, and I can’t tell you how many times he had accidents on me when he was sick.  I took him to the vet the day after I got him, and our local vet was surprised he was still alive with how bad he had worms.  She also reassured me that taking the dog was a good thing because he would have died without me.  She wormed him, and he of course had an accident and vomited on me while we were on our way home, then again, when my boyfriend came over, which he slipped in, and left madder than mad.  He was one of those big old macho guys, and Skittles did me a favor.  I guess it was his way of disapproving when he was too small and weak to do anything, LOL. 

It didn’t take long, and Skittles was good as new!  He started putting on weight quickly, and feeling better, but he never stopped having accidents on the floor if he disapproved of someone who was at the house, lol.  It’s funny, even now as an older dog when he gets mad at my husband he will poop on his boot lol. 

The Truth About Owning A DogPoop Happens?? | The Truth About Owning A Dog

So you want the truth about owning a dog!  Well, here it is –

  • Expect accidents, things happen!  Dogs, like us, get upset, but they can’t talk so they must poop on your husband’s boot!  Which of course, is better than chewing it up, LOL.  Besides, who does my husband think he is making Skittles mad, gosh! Poop happens, right!
  • Dogs have accidents if you leave them inside too long, expect it! Poop happens, and you’re going to have to clean it up!
  • Dogs have accidents, because like us they get sick, expect it and take them to the doggy doctor!  Dogs need to see the vet.  They also need shots, etc.
  • Dogs fall in love, are loyal, and your very best friend! 
  • If dogs had thumbs, they would hold your hair when needed them too!  They would also, without a doubt take your tummy issues on if they could!
  • There is nothing like owning a dog! They listen; lay their head in your lap when you need a friend, and someone to listen.  They shed, need baths and now and then get that burger out of the trash, but hey wouldn’t you if you had to eat dog food all the time!
  • Dogs are like children; they get spoiled, but love you with everything they have! 
  • dogsDogs are not naturally mean; people make them that way!  Look at Skittles, he will not admit it but this bunny is his best friend!    Every dog should have a bunny, lol!
  • Dogs are work, but worth every bit of work and money, it takes to feed them.  Oh, yes they cost money!  They shouldn’t eat burgers out of the trash; it’s not good for their tummy!  Oh, well maybe that’s why they had an accident on the floor!  HUMM, it’s something to think about! 

“A dog will teach you unconditional

Dogs love us to the moon and back!  If there is an animal capable of unconditional love, it’s a dog!

  There is never a dull moment.  Thankfully, Skittles is hard to make mad so he doesn’t poop on Shawn’s shoes often, and at least I know my husband is a keeper because Skittles never did the disapproval poop!  See, the time everyone said he wasn’t house trained he was just looking out for me, lol.  I know he doesn’t go to the bathroom in the house unless he doesn’t like you.  In that case, he’s going to push you around, and poop outside the bathroom door so you step in it on your way out, LOL.  Don’t take your shoes off until you know Skittles like you in my house!  Unless of course you are my husband, and in that case keep your boots on your feet until you have scratched behind Skittles ear and made up with him.  Yes, that’s all it takes.  A nice rub, so he knows he loves him, that’s not asking too much!

The trust about owning is dog is they might do a disapproval poop, but they are only trying to watch out for you!  They might accidently poop on the floor, but chances are you might want to keep an eye on them!  Dogs get tummy issues too and need to visit the vet!  Dogs will protect you, take a bullet for you, protect your home, family, and even your husbands pooped on shoes!  Yes, being a dog owner is AWESOME, but it comes with responsibility!

If you have a dog then, I’m sure you have experienced the dreaded accident on your floor, but as fur-parents we also have to pay attention to our dog’s upset tummy!  Most dogs will recover quickly from an upset tummy if it’s something minor like eating too much, but symptoms of your dog’s upset stomach much not be ignored.  It’s important they see a veterinarian so they can check them out and get to the bottom of your dog’s GI problem.  A visit to the vet can help make sure your pup is okay, and prevent any other accidents from happening.  Remember a wagging tail means your dog is happy! 

Science is the best way to look at issues a dog may be having!  You can learn more about pet health and nutrition information at MyPetreference.com.

Remember not all accidents are disapproval poops, our loving friends can have tummy issues too, and as their loving owners we need to watch out for them!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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