Protecting Your Teens from Social Stalking with Parental Control App

by Jenn

Social media is becoming an addiction to almost every teen today. Hang on! It’s not only the case with teens; we parents are also so much socially addicted. So how can we stop them from accessing social media? It’s out of question that they will listen to us. I made choice of using parental control app to monitor the social media activities of my kids. The reason why I decided to monitor them was the rapidly increasing social stalking threats, and yes when it came to protect my kids, I was an obsessed mom.

Facebook stalking is most common

I came across an informative infographic by which I found good at explaining the social stalking facts and threat of cyberbullying on social media. Let’s have a detailed look at these stats.

Protecting Your Teens from Social Stalking with Parental Control AppAccording to this research in US alone 22% teens have been cyberbyllied, and the Facebook is the social media that social stalkers use the most. I was very keen to read this infographic because my kids’ favorite social networking site was Facebook. Another alarming fact is that 63% of Facebook profiles are public and anybody can view your kids’ posts and pictures. If they have shared personal information, address or stuff like this it could be a sure shot way to get attention of social stalkers. This is why monitoring Internet usage of your kid is important which is possible through a parental control app.

Get support from smart apps

Well, yes, we can’t read what they are typing with their phone and we can’t check who their friends on Facebook are, but it is possible to view all of their Web browsing history and you can gain a fair idea of what is their Web behavior. You can check are they visiting the Facebook at times they are not supposed to be? And are the Websites they are visiting appropriate for their age? When it came to select the best app among the parental controls I selected FamilyTime, honestly my intention was to test it and it was the most affordable and I gave it a try. But it worked beyond my expectations.

protecting teens online with parental control appWhat it offers

Web monitoring

  • Check browsing history
  • View book marks
  • Check most visited sites
  • Social media contacts

Mobile monitoring

  • Keep an eye on call logs
  • View installed apps

Location tracking

  • Geo-fence certain locations
  • View current location
  • Check location history
  • Receive panic alerts

Safeguard them from social media threats

Don’t stop the kids from using social media, because it’s not going to be a cool idea. Just try to guide them how to protect themselves in both their online and offline life. And monitor their activities to help them whenever they need. I used FamilyTime parental control app and it worked well enough. If you too are searching for an economical app give it a try.

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