Pumpkin Coffee Cookies with Maple Icing

by Jenn

These Pumpkin Coffee Cookies with Maple Icing are amazing.  It is that time of year where lots of recipes have pumpkin included.  Thanksgiving is a time where families get together and everyone brings their favorite dishes.  Thanksgiving is done in my home and everyone comes to my house.  With that being said, I make most of the dishes, while others bring one or two dishes of their choice.

Pumpkin Coffee Cookies

This year I decided I was adding a few extra goodies to our feast.  I had to make these cookies for everyone to try.  I am sure that they will enjoy them.  I have already made them a couple times and they are amazing.  My husband and children love them.  I made these Pumpkin Coffee Cookies with Maple Icing and they are delicious.

Pumpkin Coffee Cookies with Maple Icing

These cookies are unique and that is what I wanted to make.  My family hasn’t had anything like this before.  I like that there is a multitude of flavorings.  There is the pumpkin, coffee, maple, and cream cheese.  All of these ingredients that are added make this cookie wonderful.  Even the look of the cookie is different than what I have been making.  I am excited to see if the rest of my family enjoys them as much as my husband and children did.

Pumpkin Coffee Cookies with Maple Icing

The cookies turned out great and even look great too.  My daughter helped me make them this last time and she was jut as excited as I was when they were finished.

Pumpkin Coffee Cookies with Maple Icing

I hope that you will give these Pumpkin Coffee Cookies with Maple Icing a try and make them.  They are absolutely delicious.  Will you be making these?  Do they sound appealing to you?  If you do make them, please come back and let me know if your family enjoyed them.  Get the recipe below.  You can print the recipe for your convenience.

Pumpkin Coffee Cookies with Maple Icing Recipe


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lolzboi November 16, 2016 - 9:57 pm

Wow cant wait to try this treat

Linda Manns Linneman November 16, 2016 - 5:26 pm

These cookies all sound so good. I love the idea of the pumpkin spice with maple icing. I will be making some of these for the holidays. Thank you so much for sharing

Terry Poage November 16, 2016 - 3:36 pm

The Turkey and the Snowman cookies are so cute. They all sound so good.


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