Reasons to Encourage Children to Play With Dolls

by Jenn

Reasons to Encourage Children to Play With DollsThis post is sponsored by American Girl®.  All opinions are my own.

My girls have always loved to play with dolls and I have always encouraged them to because it helps them to learn and grow in a safe environment while trying new things and solving problems on their own.

My youngest used to disappear into her room for hours and just have the best time playing with all her dolls.  Now and then I would quietly listen to her play, and it always amazed me how much she would learn and grow from playing with them.  Mattie would always put into practice things that happened around the house, school, or with other people in her life.  She was willing to take more risks as far as using new words because she didn’t have to worry about anyone hearing her mess up. It was her little safe place to try new things.

It’s amazing how much a child can learn from something as fun as playing with dolls, especially when the dolls send out positive messages elsewhere in the child’s life through books, movies, etc.  Dolls like the WellieWishers™ from American Girl are a great way to give your child the chance to explore new things so they can learn and grow while having fun.

Reasons To Encourage Children To Play With Dolls

Reasons to Encourage Children to Play With Dolls

Here are a few reasons to encourage children to play with dolls like the WellieWishers. 

Pretend play

Pretend play is critical for children.  When they play with dolls, they not only have fun, but it helps them develop problem-solving skills.  Since WellieWishers come with an illustrated book it gives children a fun starting point for pretend play that I’ve watched my daughter take in new directions.

Reasons To Encourage Children To Play With Dolls

Learning how to be kind, empathetic and maintain healthy friendships

The illustrated books about the WellieWishers characters not only allow your child to learn and go on a timeless life lesson focused on the importance of empathy and kindness but there is an animated series too that brings the dolls to life in a whole new way for Mattie.

Mattie didn’t want to let Vayda mess with her doll before she did, but she did because it was the right thing to do. WellieWishers encourages those behaviors.

The WellieWishers’ adventures even come to life for young girls with American Girl’s first ever animated series.  If kids watch the series, it helps them have a better understanding of the dolls’ purpose and gives them ideas on how to expect and play but still keep the WellieWishers’ characteristics and positive example.  Each episode follows these five characters as they learn the ins and outs of what it means to be a friend in Aunt Miranda’s garden through a combination of fun songs, imagination, and play.

When I listen to my daughter play dolls, I’m always amazed.  She is willing to say more, try new words, and I often hear her mimic things her father or I say.  Dolls can help children develop and improve their language skills, and all they have to do is play.

Reasons To Encourage Children To Play With Dolls

They always have a friend

Mattie was so excited to get her new friend Willa.  If you couldn’t tell by the above image, lol.  She always has her new friend with her.  They watch TV, play, and Mattie even shares her dinner with her.

Just like us children get stressed, sad, confused and have both good and bad days.  Having a doll gives them a place to go for comfort.  Dolls can help them learn to express their feelings in play or by expressing themselves.  The WellieWishers line is designed for girls 5 to 7 years old. The line features five excellent characters –

Reasons To Encourage Children To Play With Dolls

Meet Willa

Willa is the doll that Mattie received and the only one that is not on her current Christmas list lol.  She is starting her list early this year; I guess she just knows what she wants.

Willa knows who she is and has a great relationship with animals that are in the garden.  However, she isn’t so graceful with people.  She loves to climb trees and observe the baby squirrels exploring the garden.  Willa is an animal call expert and is involved in cognitive skills – encourages loves, respect, care, and appreciation of animals.

Meet Ashlyn

Meet Ashlyn

Ashlyn can forget her manners and isn’t as put together as one would think.  She has a generous heart and loves to bring people together.  Talk about an eye for detail this girl has and she loves to do good deeds that involve her social skills.

Meet Camille

Meet Camille

Camille is mellow and goes with the flow. She loves anything that has to do with water and can joke with the best of them and keep your secrets.  She loves doing good deeds that involve her emotional skills.

Meet Kendall

Meet Kendall

Kendall is a creative one but has a tendency to be unfocused and a bit of a perfectionist.  She lives to create anything – paintings, mural, sculptures and is not only crafty but brainy, independent and responsible.  She is a girl power role model and even gives back by using her artistic abilities.

Meet EmersonMeet Emerson

Oh, Emerson, she is one who loves the limelight. Thankfully it loves her too.  She loves to perform, can learn a song or dance in a New York minute and loves doing good deeds that involve using her performance skills.

dress like your dollIn addition to the 14 ½-inch characters, there are also illustrated early chapter books, whimsical garden-themed accessories, Dress Like Your Doll™ clothing and even a free app that allows your little girl to explore the wonderful world of the WellieWishers.

Reasons To Encourage Children To Play With DollsMemories

I had a few toys I loved when I was little, and about two months ago my mom brought them all to me.  Talk about memories, even though I was small I remember certain times in my life because of those toys, and every time I see them, it helps me remember little things about my childhood I would have forgotten had my mom not given me the dolls.

merican Girl’s WellieWishers™ line is designed for girls 5 to 7 years old. American Girl’s WellieWishers™The box is always cool too

I don’t know what it is about kids and boxes, but my kids always have fun with the box, at least for a little bit.  The bigger the box, the more fun they have, but Mattie still has her WellieWishers box because she loves showing people what she would look like as a doll lol.

Mattie loves Willa and has already started a Christmas list which includes the rest of the WellieWishers, lol.  Her older sister was checking out everything Mattie received with her WellieWishers doll and found out that she could order Mattie a catalog to help her with Christmas list lol.  She sure did, so Mattie now is bugging me every day if she can check the mail because she wants to look at her catalog.  I tried to explain to her that she was going to have to wait longer than a few days for it to come in but it hasn’t stopped her from checking the mail every day.

You can grab your American Girl catalog too by visiting or calling 1-800-845-0005.

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