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I’m a fan of the keyboard and mouse.  When I travel with my tablet, you’ll also find I carry a keyboard and mouse.  It makes typing and navigation faster and easier.  However, finding a good keyboard and mouse to carry along is like bringing another tablet along.  I was recently sent a Tap Wearable Keyboard and mouse to try and it’s been amazing! 

Reasons Every Household Needs the Tap Wearable Keyboard

Reasons Every Household Needs Tap Wearable Keyboard in Their Life

Have you heard of Tap the wearable keyboard?  Yes, it’s a wearable keyboard that they have been developing for three years!  Tap is backed by Sandford Language Learning Research and is the future of communication and after several prototypes it’s here and we think you are going to love it.

So what exactly is the Tap Wearable Keyboard/

Well it is a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that you can easily carry with you and wear on your fingers when using.  It’s easier than lugging around a keyboard and mouse.  The keyboard is OS compatibility, Android 5+, IOS 9+, OS X Yosemite, Linux UBUNTU, and Windows 8.1 and above.

Reasons Every Household Needs the Tap Wearable Keyboard

So what’s in the box with your new Tap Wearable Keyboard?

  • Inside the box is a wearable keyboard and mouse (yes in one)
  • Quick start guide
  • Mico USB charging cable
  • Tap portable charging case

The Tap Wearable Keyboard comes inside an awesome storage case that is also a charger.  You’ll notice there are five posts inside the case and place one finger hole over each post to store/charge your keyboard.  The charging case is to be used with a USB cable.  You’ll also notice the status LED on the end with a button you need to press to start charging.

Okay, let’s talk about the tap wearable keyboard

You can get the wearable keyboard in two sizes with five rings.  Of course, one for each finger and since the keyboard is made of flexible plastic and soft woven cable it’s super easy to put on and take off, comfy to wear.

I honestly thought learning to use Tap was going to be a process I would start but never fully complete. I mean, it took me years to learn to type as well as I do. However, I was surprised to learn

Reasons Every Household Needs the Tap Wearable Keyboard

To use Tap you’ll need to be wearing the Tap keyboard in your hand.  And to get this you can still use your fingers to do whatever you need.  It’s so much cooler than your traditional keyboard and mouse don’t you think.  So much more freedom, says my teen daughter.

Reasons Every Household Needs the Tap Wearable Keyboard

However, I’d have to agree with my teen at first wearing the keyboard that makes you feel like a robot or a webbed fingered animal of some sort, but it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.  It was just something different that we had to get used to.

The mouse is located on the thumb ring and used to control to your keyboard.  You’ll see it has a power button on top.  Two flat bumps on each side of the ring.  The top is less mouse and the bottom is gliding surface for your mouse. 

Reasons Every Household Needs the Tap Wearable Keyboard

Okay, let’s talk about tapping which is easier than one might think thanks to the Tapp Genious app which makes learning a little easier.  Now for the hard part, using 5 fingers to type rather than 10.  Don’t worry, it’s not that bad, my teen is almost a pro lol.  Plus, use the app’s simple user interface to help you learn.  The app is super fun and includes added and complex finger tapping combinations along the way.

I noticed Tap claims that you can learn to tap using their keyboard in 30 days if you pracitve 10 minutes each day.  Honestly, that is totally realistic if you have a good finger/hand dexterity to use the keyboard and a glat surface to tap your little heart out.  You can tap in the air but I’ve noticed the accuracy, especially while learning isn’t as good.

Reasons Every Household Needs the Tap Wearable Keyboard

Now let’s talk about the mouse!  I used the mouse with my phone and Windows Laptop and I admit it’s awkward but it worked well on certain surfaces.  All in all it is a great keyboard that is wearable, comfortable, fun, and small for traveling outside of the house.  Not to mention the fact that my kids love wearing our new Tap Keyboard.  

Tap Wearable Keyboard can be used in any language, as well as several modes such as keyboard mode, mouse mode, game mode, music mode, controller mode, and custom mode.

You can use your Tap Wearable Keyboard’s Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, PC, laptop, SmartTV, and VR/AR.  Enjoy up t6o 8 hours of battery life when tapping and up to 7 days of standby.  Plus a 12-month warranty, 24/5 support a30-day return policy.

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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