Reasons We Like Brain Chase for Summer Learning Online

by Jenn

Have you heard of Brain Chase?  We’re excited to share a few reasons we like Brain Chase for summer learning online with you, it’s an awesome program and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of this sponsored campaign.  I just know you’re going to like Brain Chase, it’s an awesome option for summer learning online.  

As parents, we want to be sure our children continue learning during the summer.  This summer my daughter will continue learning with Brain Chase.  Did you know that kids lose an average of 2 months of math and reading skills during the summer?  WOW, learning that got my attention, especially because my daughter is struggling a little this year.  I want her to start the school year off as strong as she possibly can, which is why we decided to give Brain Chase a try this year. 

Reasons We're Loving Brain Chase for Summer Learning OnlineReasons We’re Loving Brain Chase for Summer Learning Online

If you missed our post about Brain Chase – Kids Summer Activities to Prevent Summer Learning Loss you can learn more about Brain Chase and the reasons we’re excited Vayda is going to be part of the program this year.  However, after learning more about the program here are a few more reasons we’re excited to get started with Brain Chase for summer learning online.

I’m bored Mom

We all hear it, and this year Vayda will have something she can do to occupy her extra “I’m bored” time with, Brain Chase.  The Brain Chase challenges will give her something to do for at least an hour a day, and it’s a learning challenge!

decoder2015Decoder Rings

We had the opportunity to check out the decoder rings, and they are awesome.  I showed the ring I received to my daughter and I was amazed how excited she got to start using the ring.  She is currently using my ring to leave her father and myself notes that we have to decode.  It’s fun and makes her brain work too!  I love it!

Reasons We're Loving Brain Chase for Summer Learning OnlineNew common core curriculum

Did you know thanks to the new common core curriculum teachers no longer have the time they used to so they can go over last years curriculum like they used to?  SCARY, especially when you think about your child losing two months worth of math and reading skills.  All the more reasons to find a fun way to keep them learning, like Brain Chase.

It’s affordable

When you think about all the money you’ll spend sending your kids to the movies, taking them shopping, to the arcade, etc to keep them busy this summer, Brain Chase is not only more affordable, but it’s educational!  Win-Win!  Brain Chase is only $199 for the first registration, and then $100 for each sibling.  Premium pricing packages will include Brain Chase registration, Brain Chase-branded adventure backpack, a Brain Chase t-shirt and Sunstone of Cortés patch ($249 for the first registration, and then $149 for each sibling). You can learn more when you visit

Sunstone2015.2Keeps them entertained while they learn

Brain Chase has their first animated webisode on June 22, 2015 which is more fun than a video game, it’s going to keep my daughters brain working, and she can join  Mae Merriweather and her team for an adventure to search for the Sunstone of Cortes. They’ll also get mail with an object to help them during their 5-week adventure.

It lasts five weeks

How awesome is that!  The kids can go on a 5-week learning adventure and not realize they’re doing something educational.  WHAT, I’m in!

Weekly tasks

Vayda is going to look forward to new weekly tasks like – reading daily for 15 minutes, earning 10,000 energy points from Khan Academy, bonus challenges, and completing language or writing assignments.  This is how she will unlock her adventure each week… The only way to move forward is to open the adventure each week by doing educational tasks she’ll love.

adventureitems2015.2‘The hunt

Okay, so Vayda is PUMPED up about the treasure hunt!  Did you know the treasure hunt is real?  Yes, someone will find the real treasure that is buried on earth, somewhere.  This year it is a gold plated, mechanical device hiding a key to a nearby safety deposit box with a $10,000 college scholarship fund.  How amazing is that?  After talking with Vayda, I know this piece will keep her motivated for the entire five weeks because the student who guesses where the treasure is will get to fly to the treasure site and claim it.

Just check out the official Brain Chase 2015 trailer for The Sandstone of Cortes.  You’ll get to see the animations for yourself and see more about how Brain Chase works.  I’m sure you’ll agree it is amazing.

TEACHERS, you’ll also want to check out Brain Chase and see what you think about the program because when you refer students you can earn $15 for each student that registers.  The student will be required to put your name as the person who they heard about Brain Chase from when they register.

Did you know that Brain Chase participants can now choose to participate in a language module too? Yes, and it will count as part of their online academic work and will replace the writing module if it is selected.  Students who choose to participate will need to complete two lessons, which is a little over an hour a week to fulfill their language require and move forward to unlock their next adventure.  It’s awesome because our children will be able to choose from 30+ languages when they register.  They will have a week at the start of the program to change languages, and Rosetta Stone will be part of the all-inclusive pass to the best online curriculum provides that come with Brain Chase registration.  Learn more at

Sundial2015Brain Chase Library Challenge

Join the Brain Chase Library Challenge. You can join the Brain Chase Library Challenge this month. Brain Chase will be in Seattle May 11th, Boston May 18th, and Orange Country June 1st.  They have already been to Salt Lake City May 4th.  Be sure to join the Library Challenge because they will be hiding a $1000 voucher in a local public library.

I could go on with reasons we love Brain Chase this year, and there is so much more to learn about the program.  If you’re interested in keeping your kids brain chasing education this summer be sure and head over to to learn more.  

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