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Regal Academy: The Grand Ball DVD Review


Regal Academy: The Grand Ball DVD Review | Regal Academy: The Grand Ball DVD Review

I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post is sponsored by Public Media Distribution, LLC.

Regal Academy, if you haven’t heard, is a new series loosely based on fairy tales shown on Nickelodeon. The main character Rose Cinderella, is the descendant of Cinderella herself. Others include Snow White’s descendants, the Swan princess, Rapunzel and the Beast. This show is more for pre-teen girls but may appeal to pre-teen boys due to their dragon characters and special magical powers each child has. Public Media distribution released on March 13, 2018 “Regal Academy: The Grand Ball” with three merry episodes with our fave gal, Rose Cinderella.

I love the creativity and different angle presented in this show about famous fairy tale characters. Life goes on and of course, they must have children and grandchildren out there that will continue their fairy tales. This installment is great at showing that friends should work together and that any school situation, magical or not, is never simple. Regal academy has such beautiful colors and style. The boys are as elaborate as the girls are but in a different manner. Their coats for the ball were as stylish if not more so than some of the girls dresses. Both the boys and girls have colorful hair-dos and even in some cases colored faces and are different in appearance. They each have a great personality that makes you like them, except probably Vicky and her friends. The most noticeable characteristic for me, was Rose’s flighty personality. She is sweet but a tad bit scatter minded. This is a fun, creative show for young girls.

My niece loved the bonus track included the most and fashion in the show. There were funny moments with frogs and our other magical students and she was so entertained. She got pulled in the most on the Swan dancing episode, when Rose and the gang get turned into swans, I could’ve yelled and she would not have noticed. The swans were all beautiful. She loved the musical portions and different colored hair and cuts on each girl. Her favorite character is Joy who turns into a frog on occasion and has to be kissed to turn back to human. She also liked Odette but disliked Vicky for her villainous plans against Rose and her friends. She can’t wait to see more of the show on TV.

You can check out the DVD on the PBS shop homepage, currently priced at $12.99 plus shipping. Follow the show on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest episode releases and news on Rose.

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