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Remove that Dirt and Oil with a Pulsaderm


Don’t just wash your face the old fashioned way.  Use the Pulsaderm facial cleansing brush from VB Beauty, Inc. to clean those hard to reach contours around your eyes, nose and mouth.

Remove that Dirt and Oil with a Pulsaderm  

I’m a simple girl.  Yes, I am a simple girl in the respect that I don’t consider myself very materialistic.  While I take care of my basic personal hygiene and grooming needs, I will usually forego the luxuries to pamper myself.  Occasionally though, I will splurge.  I have only had one facial in my life and just about a year ago, I had my one and only manicure.  I’ve never been to a spa, never had a pedicure (but hear it’s wonderful), or had acrylic nails applied.  I shape my own eyebrows and rarely take bubble baths.  My time is much too valuable to sit relaxing in a bubble bath.  Not that there is anything wrong with doing these things, I think it is wonderful.  But, for me, I’m not a high maintenance type of person.  I accept that and that’s okay.  However, I do regret that I haven’t pampered myself in the facial cleansing department.  That is why I jumped when I was asked to review the Pulsaderm by VB Beauty, Inc.


The Pulsaderm Facial Cleansing Brush is heaven!  I’ve only used the system for a few weeks, but every time I use it, I love it more.  You know how your face feels after a facial?  All clean and smooth, right?  Well, the Pulsaderm Facial Cleansing Brush can leave your face feeling the same way every time you use it.


I attribute this clean feeling to the sonic movement of the brush that pulsates in an oblong circular motion instead of simply rotating in a circular motion.  The brush does not pinch or pull on your skin either.  The Pulsaderm system removes dirt¸ impurities and oil from your skin.   It gently exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells, so it helps to reduce blackheads and blemishes.


The set includes 3 replaceable bristle brush heads: regular, sensitive, and body; and the pulsating brush itself has 3 speeds:  normal, high and jitter.  It also has an AC adapter and charging stand, as well as a cosmetic bag for storage and travel use.  When you first receive your Pulsaderm set, be sure to place the brush in the charging stand for a full 24 hours to charge it up, then you are ready to go.  Do not keep your brush in the stand while using the AC adapter though, as this can actually work in reverse to reduce the life of the battery.  A full charge will last anywhere from 10-15 uses, and an indicator will blink once the brush needs charging.  When the brush is fully charged, the indicator light will glow a solid color green.

Maintenance of the brush is easy by using soapy water to clean the handle of any residue and the heads can be cleaned once a week with an antibacterial soap.  The Pulsaderm carries a one year limited warranty.


VB Beauty, Inc. also carries a Pulsaderm Buddy Set, which is a smaller version of the Pulsaderm Set, but just as effective.  It includes a 2 speed brush:  normal and high, an AC adapter, 2 bristle attachment heads, a 1 ounce botanical cleanser, and the cosmetic bag, along with the 1 year warranty.

The Pulsaderm makes a terrific holiday gift to yourself, or any female on your gift list, so stop by the VB Beauty, Inc. web site to shop their wide selection of products.  And since you are already online, drop by their media pages:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and You Tube.

Despite whichever set you choose:  the Pulsaderm Set, or the Pulsaderm Buddy Set, pamper yourself today.  Take it from a simple girl like me.  You will feel so much better about yourself because you will have a cleaner and smoother facial appearance.


Karen Hand

By biblical standards, I am young, by any other standards, I am young at heart. Living in Florida, married to my wonderful husband Kenny for 29 years. I have two children and two step children. My children are all adults; all are within five years apart in age, and all married with families of their own. I have seven grandchildren in total. When I am not writing on Jenns Blah Blah Blog you will find me spending time with my family.

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  1. Laurie Nykaza December 22, 2013
    The Pulsaderm looks like it can really get your face nice and clean. I think it would help my skin look better would love to try it.
  2. velma murphy December 21, 2013
    this nice awesome.
  3. Lemon_Cupid December 21, 2013
    It about time I started taking better care of my skin... I think Pulsaderm would be an awesome start..
  4. debra l. December 21, 2013
    You know, you see so many of these on the market- and they are all sooo expensive you think to yourself, "will it really do anything worth all that money?" Nowadays people will spend a lot on the "fountain of youth" and you have to wonder what is REALLY BENEFICIAL or what is made up for the sell. Thank you for the review- it was very helpful. I would realllly like to try this now- it has become more believable.
  5. Amy Ledesma December 21, 2013
    This really sounds like something I need. I just turned 41 and while I don't consider that to be old I see changes in my skin. Its just doesn't have that rosy glow that it used to se this is a great giveaway.! Thankyou for the chance!
  6. Sarah December 21, 2013
    I've never had a facial, either. I think this would be a great product to have at home. I live in the smoggy city AND have two sticky children, and I feel like my face is never clean. I'd be interested in trying this out.
  7. candy kratzer December 20, 2013
    I never pamper myself either. I am a no fuss girl but doing something for myself that requires no money and get clean and relaxing skin would be awesome.
  8. Maria T December 20, 2013
    Great review! I'd love to try the Pulsaderm! Sounds like it's doing wonders!
  9. Trish F December 19, 2013
    Hello, thanks for the review. I've always wanted a Clarisonic and this sounds very similiar only a little more affordable. Yeah, always trying to find a more frugal option. I realize that as I'm aging I need to pay more attention to my skin and this little baby looks like just what the dr. ordered.
  10. Mia December 19, 2013
    This looks like it'd be a great present for my mom!
  11. tamra gibson December 19, 2013
    Wow- u sole me on it. I'm always up for a smoother face and nicer skin. I also regret I never really have nor do I still pamper my face. I don't always like what I see in the mirror but I am me. Thanks for the pics it's true a picture tells a thousand words
  12. Jeanette Jackson December 19, 2013
    This looks like a great product. I have always wanted to try one.
  13. Valerie Guerrero December 19, 2013
    that is marvelous i could really use this
  14. Nicole Becker December 19, 2013
    I never have had a facial because I could never afford one. This is definitely the closest thing to getting a facial. I have very oily skin and I have alot of blackheads. UGH!! I would love to be able to use this for my skin. Thanks for the great review and Happy Holidays!!
  15. Marcia Belknap December 19, 2013
    This sounds so amazing and I would love to try it! Never had a facial before either! Thanks for the chance!
  16. Michelle S December 18, 2013
    I am DYING to try this!!!! I'm really hoping that Santa will bring me one this year!
  17. Terry Rodriguez December 18, 2013
    I love the product! would LUV to try it!!!!
  18. Melissa Marinho December 18, 2013
    I have wanted one of these for years! Thank you for the review, they are VERY helpful when deciding to purchase something or not, we all want stuff that actually works and does what it says it's supposed to do! I like that you are able to purchase a smaller version too, makes traveling and cleansing much easier!!
  19. Shelly Vandyne December 18, 2013
    Thank you for the information loved this review on Pulsaderm! I love how it gives you a deep down clean. I'm always concerned about skin care I have such dry skin.
  20. Tiffany C December 18, 2013
    Ok I am becoming that "AGE" where w e need all the help we can get and if it comes from a vibrating thing with brissels on the end so be it! I would name it my BOB if it helps my face out!
  21. Sharon Siqueiros December 17, 2013
    Thanks for your review!! I really like that this has a head that can be used on the body too! They are alot more reasonably priced than the big "C"
  22. Stephanie M December 17, 2013
    That sounds amazing! Especially to make your face feel like it had a facial!! love that feeling!!
  23. Tanya Holland December 17, 2013
    I have never tried one of these but always wanted to. This sounds like it would be great for my skin.
  24. Tabatha Mcmillan December 17, 2013
    Would love to try this product myself. Sounds wonderful.
  25. Lanie December 17, 2013
    I have never heard of Pulsaderm before reading this. It looks pretty similar to the cheap Neutrogena one that I have. I don't care for that one though because it is harsh on my skin and rattles my brain with too much vibration! I would love to try this one.. they review was great and I like all the features.
  26. Jasmine P December 16, 2013
    I want to try this! I've heard such great things about facial systems like this one!
  27. cheryl lister December 16, 2013
    This sounds like a relaxing massage for your face. I don't pamper myself either, but this would be a nice treat to use.
  28. Terry Dickson December 16, 2013
    The Pulsaderm looks like it would be good for everyday use to take off the dead skin.
  29. Sandy Cain December 16, 2013
    I'm kind of low-maintenance, too. I never go to salons for my nails, or facials. I had ONE massage once - in 1988, LOL - and though I loved it, it's "not me". Now that I'm of "a certain age", I think it's time I could pamper myself a little. I love that this product pulsates in an oblong circular motion, instead of just spinning around - got to get into those pores! I like that it has an option for sensitive, skin, too. Sounds like a winner to me!
  30. melanie shifflett December 16, 2013
    Never used anything that actually worked. This sounds great
  31. jeri boss December 16, 2013
    this looks like it would feel good
  32. rebeka deleon December 16, 2013
    i have always wanted one of these because i know it cleans much better than just using your hands. my skin gets really oily and leads to break outs. so annoying!
  33. Lisa Ferris December 16, 2013
    My skin would really benefit from this;as I get older it needs more to make it look it's best:)
  34. lisa December 16, 2013
    I am basically a lazy person. This sounds like a perfect way to deep the skin without having to leave home. I love it!
  35. Annette Herbst December 16, 2013
    Since turning 45 I have had a problem with my skin. Maybe this would help
  36. Diana Scholz December 16, 2013
    I NEED this! I have the worst skin, no matter what I try!
  37. melissa cushing December 16, 2013
    I love the idea of this amazing product!!! Your poast was fabulous and really introduced me to these new products and I hope I win so that I can try this out for myself!!!! Awesome giveaway Jen!!!
  38. Vicki Hale December 16, 2013
    I too, have never had a facial. But, I do removed my make up every night and this would make it so much better! I like that it has a sensitive setting. Thanks. Vicki.
  39. Mary Cottingham December 16, 2013
    I would love to win this. It is on my wish list.
  40. Heather McCormick December 16, 2013
    Sounds like this cleans really well, I have never had a facial and this would be as close as I get to it.
  41. Michelle Castagne December 16, 2013
    I like that the Pulsaderm has two different heads you can use and gets out all the impurities.
  42. Michelle Castagne December 16, 2013
    I haven't tried on of these yet. It sure sounds like it would get your skin looking fresh and beautiful.
  43. Michael Torres December 16, 2013
    I really want to try this! It looks amazing!
  44. lisa November 19, 2013
    You sound like me. I've never been to a spa, had my nails done... The only reason I use a gel manicure is because I won a kit. Anyways this sounds like a product I'd love to try. I use a loofa in the shower. Although I don't wear makeup I'd like a deeper clean when I wash my face.
  45. Elizabeth Matthiesen November 18, 2013
    I've never used one of these and it's a new firm to me too. It does sound like it does a good job, wonder what it feels like to have yourself a facial with one of these - not that I have anything to compare it to since I've never had a facial either.
  46. M.Clark November 17, 2013
    This is similar to the Clarisonic, I have to admit that I have never heard of Pulsaderm. I have heard good things about these facial brushes though and it would definitely make a great gift. Thank you for this review.
  47. cheryl lister November 17, 2013
    This sounds like it would feel as good as it cleans. I've never had a facial but would love to have the smooth skin that results from one.

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