Save Space and Keep Your Bathroom Tidy With Luxear Shower Caddy

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It’s a very important truth that we all need to pitch in to conserve water. It is an essential part of everyday life and also necessary for our survival. There are many ways to help save on the amount of water wasted all around our homes and lives. The shower is a great place to start and the Luxear Shower Caddy is helpful in numerous ways. Here are some tips on saving water in the shower and bathroom that are easy solutions that can make a significant difference. 

Save Space and Keep Your Bathroom Tidy With Luxear Shower Caddy

Get Organized

Everyone has their own bathing ritual and some can tend to spend more time looking for the right shampoo or conditioner in the tub or fumbling with loofahs, washcloths, and body washes. The Luxear Shower Caddy is a small, but very effective tool in minimizing clutter in the tub, making it easier to find what you need in one convenient place. The Luxear Caddy is a No-drilling, removable shower caddy with waterproof and oilproof suction cup attachments. The hold is strong enough to support up to 22 lbs of your necessary bathing regimen. So, lather up with your favorite hygiene products using your favorite necessities that you can find in one place and cuts down on shower time, as well as cleaning time of your shower or tub.  

Cut Shower Time

It’s easy to get into a steamy shower and enjoy the warmth and comfort of a long shower. However, doing this daily is a large cause of water waste and can be avoided for your daily showers. One rule to follow is trying to cut your showers to 4 to 10 minutes when doing your basic cleansing. Toss on a song or two that can help time how long you’ve been in the shower and keep you efficient. Also, turn the shower on only when you’re ready to hop in and turn it off during times you don’t need water running. Lathering your hair, or body, or shaving is a good time to stop the water flow and then easily be turned back on when it’s time to rinse. Also, with the Luxear Caddy, you can put one up above your sink and avoid brushing your teeth in the shower to save some H20 during that task.

Save Space and Keep Your Bathroom Tidy With Luxear Shower Caddy

Take a Bath

Most people would think taking a bath waste more water than a shower, but if you know some tips it can help conserve. Of course, depending on the size of your tub, filling the tub only halfway is an ample amount of water to wash and rinse. Using a pitcher or cup, you can easily lather and rinse your hair and body. Also, let’s admit that a bath is much easier to shave in and more moisturizing for the skin. Another factor to take in mind is the temperature of the water. Be sure the warmth of the bath is sufficient for the amount of time you’ll be in the bath. Refilling with hot water to raise the temperature defeats the purpose of wasting excess water. Plus, with the Luxear Caddy, you’ll have all your favorite bath beads, soaps, razor, or loofahs all in one convenient place.

Use a Bucket

It isn’t meant in the sense that it sounds. If you take a shower, using a bucket is a great way to save the water that would usually go down the drain. Use clean water to rinse and let the runoff collect in a bucket to avoid wasting healthy water that can be used for your garden or other things. That same water needs to be deemed safe for your plants before you use it. Also, if your furry friends need a good scrub too, again this same soapy water can be used. But, as mentioned be sure that it is safe for your pets also. If it’s a sunny day and your ride needs a rinse, use some of that water to give your bike, car, or even children’s outdoor toys a quick rinse. Using the LUxear Caddy can be used to carry sponges and rags outdoors to keep your items together.

Save Space and Keep Your Bathroom Tidy With Luxear Shower Caddy

These are just a few tips on how to help save water while performing your daily routines. There are lots of other tips and suggestions to conserve water by contacting your local water company or online. The Luxear Shower Caddy is helpful in more ways than ways and extremely versatile. It can be used in the shower, the bathroom sink, and the kitchen, to hold small toys or even convert into an organizer for your car or office to hold pens, notes, or any other clutter. With effective suction cups, the Luxear Caddy is easily removed and mounted in numerous places. Check out the 5% discount using code: YQPLKNT6 which expires 01/04/2024.

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