Save The Baby Potatoes And Get Popchips

by Jenn

I watched this YouTube video from the people at popchip, and it made me really start thinking about all those sweet little potatoes that are just tossed into hot oil only to create a snack that is not healthy, loaded with fat, and all sorts of other stuff.  What kind of life is that anyway?  Seriously, its potato cruelty and I can’t help but think there is another way. 

Potato Cruelty Save The Baby Potatoes And Get PopchipsSave The Baby Potatoes And Get Popchips

There is another way to keep little baby potatoes and big adult potatoes out of greasy fryers, and it’s not only safer for them, but better for us.  They’re called popchips! 

Why are popchips Popped?

Besides the fact that they’re saving potatoes from being fired, well let’s talk about popchips.  Have you ever popped a potato?  According to popchips, it’s easy, but they don’t take full responsibility!  They give credit where credit is due – The Hero Potato! 

That’s where everything started, with popchips Hero Potato.  Popchips knew that too many potatoes were being forced to the fryer, with barbaric endings to become greasy chips! They knew there was a better way, a ways to keep potatoes from the deep fryer! Therefore, they heat them up in an awesome pressurized chamber and then quickly release them, and their first breath of fresh air makes them go POP!

That pop means they’re a happy potatoes because they are healthier, lighter, and more well potato-y (as popchips says).  Bye Bye friend chips, and hello popchips the NEVER EVER FRIED chip with a dash of great high oleic oils, and great massage with seasoning and spices, and POP! The yummy, much better for you, ½ the fat, all the flavor popchip is popping up everywhere!  Did you know they might even already be taking over your neighborhood?  Yes, and you might not even know it, don’t be the last one on the blog to have popchips in your house!

Popchips are a family of yummy potato and veggie chips popped crispy; loaded with flavor, but more importantly no baby potatoes were harmed while making popchips!  They start with all the finest ingredients, a little pressure, and POP.  A popchip is born, and you can grab them in both single and family sizes.

Learn more about PopChips here.  

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#popchips. all the flavor. half the fat.

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