Sexual Objectification | Women Are Not Objects

by Jenn

Have you ever googled the meaning of sexual objectification?  I’m going to be honest before actually googling it for myself I accepted it as part of life and the things we all too often see on TV and don’t think twice about because it’s just the way it is and the world we live in.  Well, I had kids, and that is bull crap!  Before googling sexual objectification, I had a good idea of what the meaning was but reading it put things into perspective and helped me realize what a problem it is and how it impacts young girls, like my daughters and has even impacted me over the years.

Sexual Objectification | Women Are Not Objects

The meaning of sexual objectification according to Wikipedia is, “Sexual objectification is the act of treating a person as an instrument of sexual pleasure.”   Wikipedia goes on to explain sexual objectification of women as, “Female sexual objectification by a male involves women being viewed primarily as an object of male sexual desire, rather than a whole person.”  Yes, rather than a whole person!  Now I don’t know about you, but I want to be viewed as a whole person.

Sadly you see sexual objectification of women and men for that matter in music videos, movies, songs, TV, and you’ll even see half-naked women in a commercial for a hamburger.  I mean seriously, at times it is difficult to tell what the commercial is for, but sex sales, right?  Sure it might, but don’t you think we should be smarter and not feed into these advertising schemes?  Plus, we are now dealing with something much worse than a beautiful woman.  The media has created the evil beast, and we are allowing them to parade it around by watching, listening, and buying things that promote it.

qThe media and fashion industry has created the “perfect” women, which doesn’t exist and is unattainable.  This is a women without any lines or bags under her eyes, without scars, cellulite, perfectly long beauty legs, big breast, the perfect booty and waist to match.  It’s not only a women that us girls want to be like, but that men desire.

It’s sad, sexual objectification and these unrealistic standards often cause women to feed badly about their body that causes them to turn often to unhealthy eating habits or workout routines.  Gosh, I honestly don’t know too many women who have not felt bad about their bodies or took on unhealthy habits in hopes of getting a better body.  I had always had an issue with my weight, even when I only weight 110 pounds.  I wanted to be thinner, my butt to be perkier, I wanted perfection according to the media’s misleading standards.  I ate next to nothing and worked out nonstop, I even fainted while working out at the gym because I was so set on getting skinny enough that I wasn’t taking care of my body.  My sister, on the other hand, was bulimic for a long time.  She is better now, but still struggles with her weight, and it’s because we are lead to believe there is a particular body type that makes us sexy.  Sexual objectification is dangerous because it sets the standard for the “perfect body” which is most often and unattainable yet so many women do whatever they can to attain it.

What we are allowing the media to do is damage lives of women and men.  Oh yes, men are impacted by this too.  I don’t think as much, but they are without a doubt impacted by this, and it’s all done to sell a product.  Which in many cases has nothing at all to do with sex.  It’s to get guys to grab that beer they saw on TV.  They one with the hot chick and girls to buy makeup try to look like the women in the commercial.

What are the consequences of sexual objectification of women and men for that matter?

Gosh, where do I start, how about self-objectification.  Self-objectification is linked to everything from eating disorders, dissatisfaction of one’s body, substance abuse, and sexual satisfaction, to depression.

The media is creating a stereotype for women and men that results are dangerous.  I don’t watch a lot of TVs, my children don’t either, but that doesn’t mean they don’t see any sexual objectification because it’s everywhere, even in cartoons.  I have turned the TV off several times when the kids were watching cartoons because of something inappropriate for their innocent eyes.

Sorry, but I’m not raising my children to think they have to be like anyone but themselves. I want them to know they ARE beautiful INSIDE AND OUT!!  There is so much more to a person; we are NOT objects we are human beings with feelings who work hard and deserve to be looked at as an individual and I’LL BE DAMNED IF ANYONE WILL TREAT MY CHILDREN LIKE AN OBJECT!

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