Six Ways The HP Pavilion Makes Traveling Better!

by Jenn

Shawn and I will be leaving today for our Disney Cruise and I am excited, but sad at the same time.  I am going to be honest, I always dread leaving my children behind, and five days is far too long. We always travel in the summer as a family, and we have yet to hit the road together.  Thanks, Catie, who decided to go to summer school, lol.  I am only kidding, but we have had to put our vacations on hold, and poor Shawn and I will be traveling to Orlando, Florida all alone.  On the plus side, we don’t have to drive, we can catch a plane, but we will have a three-hour layover.  Boo, to layovers.

Lucky for me, I will not be stuck thinking of things to do during layovers at the airport, because I will have my trusty HP Pavilion!  YUP, so I have a blog post I am leaving until we get to Dallas, which will help me pass the time.  Then I started thinking, the HP Pavilion is not only going to keep me crazy during our layover, it’s going to help me do other things that I don’t normally get to do to help pass the time while we are on vacation. 

Six Ways The HP Pavilion Makes Traveling Better! #jbbb

Six Ways The HP Pavilion Changes The Way I Travel!

Whether I am traveling without kids, or with my husband, I get bored.  The kids get board, someone is fighting, or something crazy is going on.  After using the HP Pavilion for a while now, I already know how it will help change the way I travel!  Here are six ways I see the HP Pavilion changing the way I travel.


I know I already talked about it, but it needs to go on the list of things I do not normally get to do.  Not because I do not have a laptop, but because the laptop I have is uncomfortable to use. It’s huge, bulky, and I typically cannot get anything done because it slides off my lap. 


Shawn and I can watch a movie together, at the airport, or on the plane.  Another nice thing, because normally one of us gets stuck with the big laptop on our lap, which is great because we can see, but the other person gets irritated because of the glare.  Now we can put the Pavilion in tent mode, and both see the screen great.

Windows 8.1

Okay, my other laptop does not have Windows 8.1, which I have come to fall in love with.  I can access my documents from my computer at home, just like that!  EASY, PEASY!  As long as I save to my OneDrive, use Microsoft 365, and things like that, I can grab it from whatever device I am using.  Thanks, HP!

Makes bringing memories to life easy.

I can make an awesome photobook of our trip, which I could do before, but not nearly as easy.  Plus the photobooks will fit nicely into the bookcase, and we do not need to stress those big old albums that fall apart.  I can also upload pictures to Snapfish, and turn them into fun pillows, mugs, and things like that when I return home.  Which yes, I could do that before, but it is so easy with HP, it’s not even funny.  Oh, and if I don’t want to pay for my prints, I can just print them off with my fabulous HP ENVY 3550 e-All-in-One printer for free!

Don’t stress the ink

My daughter has summer school, and she is doing a lot on the computer.  The last thing I need to worry about is sending her grandmother to the store to buy ink.  I have had to do that before, but it did not go well at all.  Thanks to HP Instant Ink, I don’t have to stress running out of ink.  See my printer and HP talk about ink levels, and all that fun stuff we don’t want to deal with.  When the time comes, BAM!  Just like that, HP sends me out new ink, even while I am on a Disney cruise!

See the kids faces, even while I am on a cruise ship.

Talk to the kids, and actually get to see their beautiful faces!  This is my favorite, and the feature I am most excited about putting to use.  Sure, the HP Pavilion does all this cool stuff, but at the end of the day, week, or year, what matters most to you?  To me, it is my family, memories, spending time together, and giggling at YouTube videos.  Yes, we do that a lot too. 

Six Ways The HP Pavilion Changes The Way I Travel!

The HP Pavilion truly is a family computer; it’s built with a family like mine and yours in mind.  I have used TONS of devices in my time, and sure, some of them are amazing, they work great, and I still even have them, but none of them is as family friendly as the HP Pavilion and the HP Envy 5330 e-All-in-One Printer!

From the awesome 360 versatility, flexibility to keep up with your needs, tap, swipe, pinch feature, BeatsAudio, amazing vibrant clarity, to the HP TrueVision HD Webcam.  This device is built with a real family like mine in mind.  Moms who travel alone from time to time and want to see their babies with vibrant clarity, parents who have almost pulled their hair out because 1 tablet simple doesn’t allow 4 children to watch 1 movie, but the HP Pavilion will, in tent mode, and BeatsAudio is optimized for use in any position.  Whether the kids are watching a movie, or you are giggling at YouTube, you get the riches audio on a PC!

The tap, swipe, pinch feature allows you to use the Pavilion the way you want to use the Pavilion, no matter the age, you make the most out of your notebook!

Then there is the HP Pavilions perfect companion, the HP Envy 5330 e-All-in-One printer, which has helped keep my kids happy this summer.  When they want to color, they come into my office, choose a coloring page, craft, or I will choose them an educational worksheet, and they, for the most part enjoy, their time.  I know they would rather get the color pages, than the worksheet, but hey, I appreciate the fact that I can reach to the left of me and print out something educational for my kids. 

There is so much more to love about the HP Envy 5330 e-All-in-One Printer and you can learn more by reading 10 Reasons I Am Totally Digging The HP Envy 5330 e-All-in-One Printer.

Memories, and photos are extremely important to me, and HP has really stepped it up and went a step further by making it easy for people like me to bring those memories to photo paper in my home, create a coffee cup on Snapfish, or even a pillow!  I honestly, could not be happier with my new HP Pavilion x360 Touchsmart and HP Envy 5330 e-All-in-One Printer.

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