Smelly Guy Test : Beat The Funky Smell, Don’t Be the Funky Smell

by Jenn

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My poor husband and son, they’re the only two smelly guys in a house full of wonderful, scented girls.  I used to feel sorry for the boys because they were so out numbered, HAHA, that was before I knew my son was going to morph into a teen overnight, I never said that was okay, especially because now I have two stinky boys in the house.  

I like to think I’m a strong person, but I am not nearly as strong as Irish Spring Signature collection.  I have smelled some of the funk it’s take helped take off.  You know what is even more amazing?  The fact that Irish Spring can take something that smells like, “OMG there is no way that smell is from your feet” and make it like “Hey baby, you smell fabulous.  Do you want me to give you a foot massage?”  I’m telling you; Irish Spring Signature is pretty amazing.  It’s not just for those super stinky moments either because it smells great.  

I love it when my husband gets out of the shower and smells like Irish Spring Signature; it’s a great smell for him.  That’s all I’m saying; you’ll have to get your man his own to see what I mean.  

Take the Smelly Man TestSmelly Guy Test: Beat The Funky Smell, Don’t Be the Funky Smell

Okay, and for those who are not sure if their guy, son, uncle, cousin or anyone else is smelly here are a few things that only happen if you’re the funk! 

1) If anyone ever says anything like, “OH MY GOSH what is that smell.  Dad what is in your shoes, is that even possible?”  Younger sister, total daddy’s girl tries to stick up for her dad and goes in for a sniff of the shoes, gags and gets mad at her dad lol.  

2) Have you ever been walking to another room when suddenly, BAM you almost pass out due to this funky smell you’ve smelled before, somewhere, but you’re not really sure where.  So you begin smelling everything, kitchen towels, kids room, the couch, maybe even the cat, but you come up with nothing.  When suddenly, there it is stronger than ever, and you look up only to see your son, who obviously needs to have a long conversation with the new Irish Spring Signature 3-in-1 Body Wash you just bought.  It’s perfect for teens, smells amazing, and it’s 3-in-1 which means they can totally take a faster shower.   NOW if I could get him to like taking a shower as much as he likes Irish Spring Signature.

3) So the house is all clean, you have candles burning, all your air smelly good stuff going and the house is rocking!  Finally, it smells like it’s supposed to, and it only took all day.  Then it happens, you totally forgot you were married until the breeze came in the window, and you see your husband heading for the door covered in oil, dirt, gas, and omg I don’t even want to know what the rest of that is.  If this happens, try not to be harsh, because he has already had a long day.  Try not to let him know you’re already stressing how you’re going to get rid of the smell.  Don’t forget there is new Irish Spring Signature.

4) Then of course the ordinary ones like you son were outside working all day, in the hot sun, and I don’t think he could have possibly put on any deodorant.  Wait, maybe he just sprayed cologne to cover everything up.  Kids, NEVER do that it only makes things worse for those around you.

5) For those times when you are not sure if that smell is coming from your guy, you need a young child.  See kids are known for telling the truth if dad stinks it’s totally okay if they say something and not even weird that they smell him.  Make sure nobody knows that the child is working for M.O.M it’s better that way, the last thing you want to do is blow their cover.  You’ll need to stay in the other room when you send her in to find out.  I know it’s totally risky, and it might require training before you attempt it.  Trust me, I tried this without training and my daughter told my husband that I said he smelled like poop.  However, once she got the training she needed it worked like magic, and she never said daddy smelled like ice cream either.  

Thankfully there is a way to end all this stinky funky smelly stuff.  It’s some pretty amazing stuff, and it even leaves things smelling a manly clean scent, which I love on my husband.  Hey, you know you like it when you’re man comes in wearing that certain scent too.

Irish SpringsBeat The Funk With an I Love You Because Your Awesome Gift Basket for Dad

Rather than just hand my husband just Irish Spring I decide to make him a gift basket, just because he’s an amazing husband.  Of course, I didn’t tell him the Irish Spring was because I couldn’t handle his stinky feet anymore.  See I didn’t even have to bring that up because Irish Spring will take care of it.

Shh, the Irish Spring is a great gift for my husband because it’s one that I get to enjoy the benefits of too.  It’s a win-win, and so much cooler than a darn part for his race car lol. 

Do you have a smelly guy in your house?  I’m going, being honest; my teen blows my husband out of the water when it comes to being smelly.  I just keep waiting for him to realise that girls are not attracted to the funk; it’s coming I know it is.  Hats off to Irish Spring.  It’s done an amazing job on my guys.  We’re still working with our son on showering, but the good news is he likes Irish Spring

We’re still working with our son on showering, but the good news is he likes Irish Spring Signature and has smelled better this past week than he’s smelled in a long time.  Thanks, Irish Spring, there just might be light at the end of the tunnel.  I know this I the start to something amazing, like my son taking a shower without me threatening to ground him lol.  It’s coming I know it is!

shpping irish springs signatureswalmartstore

Thankfully I can get more Irish Spring at Walmart because I don’t ever want to be living with the funk again.  Irish Spring is helping the hubs beat the funky smell, not be the funky smell.  Next up, my son who likes being the funk and has no interested in beating the funk, but I have a plan for that.  He likes the Irish Spring, uses it every single time he takes a shower, that’ snot the problem.  The problem is getting him to take a shower lol.

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