Spraying uPVC windows why is it so popular

by Jenn

For anyone looking to give their property some more curb appeal and a bit of an appearance boost, you’re likely to have come across the concept of spraying uPVC windows. These windows and doors are used across the country, and spraying them a different colour is becoming an increasingly popular renovation method.

What are uPVC windows?

uPVC, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is an affordable construction material that has been used in place of wood and iron in housing. It is used for window frames, windowsills, doors, garage doors, and pipes. Formed by bonding vinyl polymer to chlorine atoms, uPVC is inexpensive and hugely thermally efficient, making it an ideal material for windows and doors. It is also available in a vast range of colours and finishes, from wood effect to matte or glossy.

What is uPVC spraying?

Whilst uPVC windows do come in a range of colours, some homeowners, businesses, and landlords want to spruce up their property by changing the colours of the uPVC. They can do this by replacing each window frame, door, and windowsill or by covering the current colour. That’s where uPVC spraying comes in. It is a method of spray painting uPVC windows or uPVC doors to change the overall look of the property and can even be used to paint furniture and is a lot quicker and less messy.

Why is spraying uPVC windows so popular?

Many people opt to spray paint their uPVC windows, as it is an easily available service offered by a range of professionals. It is also much less disruptive than out-right replacing each uPVC window frame, windowsill, and door. But why is it quite so popular?


Replacing all of the windows and doors in a home can be a very pricey job – you’re looking at at least £5,000. Whereas uPVC spray painting is much more cost-effective, usually costing around £100-£200 per window. This is due to the ease with which professionals can spray uPVC windows.

uPVC window spray painters simply have to cover the glass and brickwork to prevent any over spray and then they can get to work, helping you to transform your home.

Range of colours

Another reason people tend to opt for uPVC spray painting is the ridiculous amount of choice that it brings. People can choose from almost any colour and any type of finish, whether that’s matte, glossy, or a gorgeous wood finish. This means that homeowners can make their uPVC windows look brand new and get them to match any colour schemes they might have.

From anthracite grey (a popular colour choice) to bright yellow, whatever dreams you have for your house a professional will be able to help you attain them. After they’ve painted the uPVC it will look like you’ve had brand new windows fitted! You might even choose to have your windows painted one colour, and your uPVC door painted another.

Long-lasting and life-extending

People tend to favour spraying uPVC windows because spraying PVC windows can help to maintain the material. PVC window frames and doors last a long time, but the colour in them can often fade due to damaging UV light. Spray painting uPVC window frames instantly revives them, making them look as good as new.

The colour you have sprayed onto your windows will also last at least 10 years. uPVC is not a porous material, so the paint simply sticks to the surface of the material. Most uPVC sprayers will offer a guarantee with their services that declares that once spray painted, the colour applied to your uPVC use will last 10 years as a minimum without any peeling, flaking, or fading.

Better than the alternatives

There are a few other ways to colour uPVC windows and doors. One, as aforementioned, involves replacing all the doors and windows. Another is vinyl wrapping each piece of uPVC. Spraying windows tends to be favoured over vinyl wrapping for a few reasons:

  • vinyl wrapping takes a long time
  • vinyl wrapping is more expensive to allow for the cost of materials
  • vinyl wrapping usually only lasts an average of 5 years

Vinyl wrapping an entire property’s worth of uPVC windows and doors takes a lot of material, and so it can be a long job. It may look just as good when done, but overall spraying uPVC windows is a better choice for your exterior renovations.

Increases property value

One factor that contributes to deciding the worth of a property is its ‘curb appeal’. Freshly sprayed uPVC windows and doors on a property will help to increase this curb appeal. A home with a well-painted front door, window frames, and garage door is much more likely to appeal to buyers. Buyers will enjoy the appearance, but they will also benefit from the 10 years of fresh-looking uPVC.

This is one of the biggest reasons that uPVC spraying is so popular – it helps a lot in the selling process, as first impressions always matter.

Changes the look of a building

A lot can be said about how much of a difference a splash of colour can make, and a building or home is no exception. If your property is fairly uniform or uninteresting, adding a personal touch to it can really make it feel like home.

Whether you’re looking for personalisation and individuality, a bit of a refresh, a way to make your bay windows pop or even just something to keep the uPVC windows and uPVC doors looking good – uPVC spraying is a relatively easy way to achieve it.

Can I spray paint my uPVC windows myself?

There is nothing stopping you from spray painting or hand painting your uPVC windows and uPVC doors yourself. You may well do an excellent job! It is relatively easy to purchase all of the necessary materials, including the spray paint, prepare your uPVC and cover your windows and brickwork yourself – but since you’re not experienced, you might not get a professional finish.

However, it is always recommended to at least consult a professional or hire somebody before you start uPVC window spraying. That way you know you will get a professional job that looks good and makes your home that little bit more exciting. uPVC painters are experienced and will be able to complete the job faster than you and do an amazing job, providing you with a quality finish that will definitely last the 10 years.

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