Starting my 2nd 28-Day Personal Trainer Food Program

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I received my second batch of Personal Trainer Food yesterday, Thursday the 14th, but before I started it I wanted to do a fasting again.  There is a lot of good that comes from fasting because you are ridding your body of toxins and sugar that can slow down your weight loss.  Fasting boosts your weight loss enabling you to lose more weight from the get go.

Starting my 2nd 28-Day Personal Trainer Food Program


Personal Trainer Food sent me 28 days of foods for the purpose of doing the 28-Day Challenge and I in turn write an honest review about the product.  The picture above shows how your food comes and you really need to make room in your freezer to hold it all.   I received 28 breakfast entrees, 56 lunch and dinner meats and 56 packages of fresh vegetables.  Having done a prior 28 days, I had favorites that I wanted again, that is not to say that anything I had previous was bad because all the foods were restaurant delicious, I just had some I really liked and totally satisfied my appetite.  There is a 100% Angus beef hamburger that I really liked a lot, so this time I got about 8 of them.  O YUM!


Some of the entrees I got this time were Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strips, Cranberry and Congac Sausage (which is Awesome), Rotisserie Chicken Breast, Mesquite Grilled Chicken Breast and a bunch more.  Then on top of all that meat you get the vegetables which are prepackaged in just the perfect serving size for one.


Personal Trainer Food has videos that are available to help you in your weight loss endeavor.  “The weekly video series will help prepare and understand the Personal Trainer Food program. Our main goal is to educate you so you experience both short and long term weight loss results. When you understand what to expect when changing routines, your chances of success increase by a lot.  This link will take you to the first video that is worth looking at: and then here is a summary of their first video.

Week 1 Summary…  “Focus on routines, not weight loss. Your clothes will tell you how you are doing. Do not weigh yourself. Avoid the scale. It’s a mental killer.  Make it through sugar withdrawals. You will feel tired, weak, sometimes dizzy. Fat burn begins to occur at this point.

Be patient. It took you months or years to build body fat, it takes a while to burn it.   Begin simple exercise each day like walking or even better, set up an inexpensive treadmill with TV.    Contact our sales team at any time if you have questions or need encouragement.   Ignore the noise! TV experts, Marketing ads, the ‘latest’ diet fad, etc. Keep it simple.”  These simple tips will help you get through some of the difficult times and if you just focus on your goal that helps you to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I decided that during this 28-Day Personal Trainer Food Program, I would exercise more so I have started swimming which is one of the best exercise to start with.  Swimming is low impact and much easier on your joints.  I also plan to start using the body building equipment to get my muscles back in shape.

Don’t forget about that New Year’s resolution you planned to live up to this year and what better way to do it than to start out with a 28-day Personal Trainer Food Program.  Join me and lets’ see who can lose the most.  Until next time stick to your goal!

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