Staycations: 3 Unique Ways to Spend an Entire Summer at Home This Year

by Jenn

Summer… It’s the time of year when the sun shines bright and adventure is around every corner. But summer is all the time of year when families are able to spend lots of time together because it’s the time when kids are out of school and families take vacations.

Typically, with summer vacations, large families will get together and rent a minibus and go on an epic road trip or they’ll take a big trip to some beautiful island out of the country. Well, all of that definitely sounds like a wonderful time but have you ever considered having a “summer vacation” at home?

A summer vacation at home might not sound appealing to some people because the idea of vacation typically means going somewhere but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that. The dictionary defines vacation as an extended period of time used for rest or recreation… it doesn’t say that you HAVE to leave home. Sometimes being able to be at home and do vacation-like things is vacation enough! Check out these unique ways to spend your entire summer staycationing at home!

Staycations: 3 Unique Ways to Spend an Entire Summer at Home This Year

Become a Tourist in Your Own Town

You will be quite surprised at how many people live in a town where they have no idea of all that it has to offer. Sure, you may know about the historical landmarks in the downtown area and the “mom and pops” restaurants in the downtown area but you’ve never taken the time to actually go explore these overlooked gems all because you live in the town. Believe it or not, there are people who live in big cities like New York and Los Angeles who have never visited the Statue of Liberty or even been to the beach! It’s crazy, right?

Well, this year, instead of hopping on a plane and jetting off to an island with clear blue waters and white sand, stay at home and explore your own hometown! Explore your town’s local landmarks, go to museums, and definitely check out your town’s food scene! To make it even more fun, you can go a get some of those typical tourist button-down Hawaiian shirts to walk around in!

Explore Your Levels of Laziness

 When you go on vacation, the goal is to relax and take full advantage of being lazy, right? Yes! So, who said you can’t see how this would feel at home during your staycation? Being lazy at home should bring a level of satisfaction and relief because you’re able to be lazy in a place where you would otherwise be busy with cleaning and running your home. Now, the only downfall with this is that you will eventually need to get your home back in order but not until your staycation is over. Here are a few tips to get your staycation started off right;

  • Clean your home up really good before your staycation starts (as if you were leaving to go on vacation).
  • Invest in paper plates and napkins as well as plastic cutlery.
  • Close the kitchen and order in.
  • Do whatever you want… take a nap at 5 pm!

Now, you can be as lazy as you want but you want to do it within reason, you know? You don’t want your home to turn into a dump, of course, but the whole point is to be able to let go of most of your household responsibilities during your staycation and relax and truly enjoy your home.

In fact, says that being lazy is actually good for you. Choosing to do proper idleness. Laziness allows you to be more well-rested and it allows your brain to put its feet up. Being lazy is not something you should do all summer long but when you have the opportunity to have a lazy day or even a lazy weekend, take advantage of it… your body will thank you for it!

Host a Block Party

Block parties are always fun and it’s something that you can get your entire neighborhood involved in! It’s also a great way to get to know your neighbors! Various neighbors will bring items to contribute to this outdoor party, whether it’s food, drinks, paper goods, or forms of entertainment.

With it being summer, this block party wouldn’t be a true outdoor party without a barbecue. From ribs to hot dogs and burgers, barbecue is the food genre where there’s something for everyone! You could possibly go to a beach somewhere and possibly get barbecue food but there’s nothing better than being able to socialize at your own neighborhood block party.

This just goes to show that staycations can be just as fun (if not better) than leaving to go on a  vacation but you won’t ever know it unless you try it for yourself.


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