Stocking Stuffer Ideas with Peppa Pig

by Lorena Brockman

Stocking Stuffer Ideas with Peppa Pig 8

I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post is sponsored by Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig, the show, is a lovable cartoon with a sweet pig character that is appealing to boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 8. They have a great blend of animal characters and funny witty voices. I love the family dynamic and how the family is always gathered together. Their holiday books and specials are always fun and full of kindness towards family and friends. This holiday fill your stockings with oinktastic fun for your little ones.

In our household we can all relate to a character from the Peppa Pig family, as we are exactly 4 in our family with one boy and one girl too. Both my kids enjoy the same foods and activities as Peppa Pig and love her funny voice as much as I do.  We especially love the holiday themed books and recently the find and seek books. Their items are fairly priced in comparison to a lot of other toys that make this mom pretty happy too. The items last too, tested by my kids in the bath, outside and anywhere their imaginative minds can find.

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We received a bundle of Peppa Pig items that would be ideal for stocking stuffers and main gifts for the kids in your house. We received a Peppa Pig candy dispenser, bandages, Peppa Pig clip in, plush stocking, Peppa Pig’s Christmas DVD, Finders Keepers Candy, Peppa’s First Look and Find boardbook, Christmas ornament, Christmas with Peppa boardbook, Peppa Pig blind house, toptrums, Crayola coloring pad, toothbrush, and Peppa Pig pink slippers. My daughter and son shared a few items, like the Crayola coloring book, DVD, books and candy dispenser since it came with 3 lollipops. My tree now looks like a Peppa Pig themed one with all my daughters’ items. She even put her big stuffed animal in it, just until Christmas as she informed me. Now both kids have asked for the Peppa Pig family Christmas tree decorations and I cannot say no as they are adorable. This will definitely complete the Peppa Pig “look” to my tree. All of these items are under $10, can easily fill a stocking and will light up the life of that special kid in your life.

Check out new Peppa Pig episodes and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest show updates and product releases on the parents page. You don’t want to miss out. You can find all of these Peppa Pig stocking stuffers online at Amazon, Walmart and TopTrums USA. Walmart will also have these awesome items in store as well.  Have an Oinktastic Holiday!!

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