Styling Hacks for Great Hair in a Hurry

by Jenn

Wouldn’t it be great to spend less time on your hair in the mornings and more time enjoying breakfast and easing into the day? This doesn’t have to be a daydream! With some clever hair hacks you can be out the door with luscious locks in no time. Ready? Let’s go!

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Ponytails with an Edge

Ponytails are always in fashion! For something neat with personality, a grungy ponytail that you can rock at the office is always a winner.

  • After applying volumising mousse to damp hair, blow-dry it well and use a curling tong to gently curl sections of your hair. You don’t need to spend long on this or curl all the way to the hair tips because this step is just about giving your hair more volume and texture.
  • Once your hair has cooled, apply texturising dust to roots and run your fingers through your hair.
  • Backcomb your hair with a bristle brush, then tie it into a ponytail.
  • You can leave some strands of hair loose to frame your face or place some bobby pins to secure loose strands and add more texture.
  • Finish off the look with a spritz of hairspray.

Don’t Hide Your Bobby Pins!

Wearing bobby pins like hair accessories is very trendy. Here’s an easy bobby pin triangular design that looks gorgeously chic while keeping your hair in place:

Slide one bobby pin horizontally into your hair, then secure another bobby pin by sliding it up at a diagonal angle on the right side. Finally, fasten a third bobby pin on the left to create a triangle.

Hot tip: When using bobby pins, place them with their curly sides down so that they will have greater grip on your hair.

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Romantic Braided Buns

A low braid looks whimsical and romantic, while helping you do something with your hair if you don’t have time to wash and/or style it. The great thing is that it doesn’t have to take much effort.

Simply divide your hair into two ponytails, quickly braid both of them, then take the braids together and wind them across the lower part of your head. Done! Clip them in place with some bobby pins.

Quick Curls that Last

If you have spaghetti-straight hair but want to earn some curls, use aluminium foil and a hair straightener.

  • Cut a few small pieces of foil (make them larger in size if you want to create larger curls).
  • Wrap pieces of hair around your finger to wind them into curls and then place the foil over these locks.
  • Secure the foil pieces onto your hair by folding the bottom of them.
  • Use a hair straightener on the pieces of foil and loosen your hair out once the foil has cooled.

There you go!

Tame the Flyaways

If you’re saddled with frizz and flyaway strands of hair, a quick tip will keep them out of the picture. Get an old toothbrush and spray it with hairspray, then use it to gently comb down the offending hair so you zap frizz without ruining your hairstyle.

Turn Your Headband into a Classy Hair Affair

If you have medium-length or long hair and you usually wear a headband but you want to do something different with it, here’s a fun look to try.

  • Place the headband around your head and then tuck strands from the bottom of your hair over and under the headband.
  • Do this all around the back of your hair.
  • The finished result is gorgeous: you get a beautiful style that’s injected with volume and a pretty headband on top.

No Wash? No Problem!

If you don’t have time to wash your hair, only shampoo your bangs. This will make your hair fall better in the front while disguising its greasiness. Keep the rest of your hair in a neat style such as a braid or ponytail.

Another tip is to apply dry shampoo all over your roots—but do this the night before so that your hair will have greater volume while looking squeaky clean.

Hair hacks keep your good hair days coming, making you look like you spent hours in front of the mirror without anyone needing to know your secret.

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