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Such a Neater Feeder


If you have pets you know that sometimes they can get a little messy when it comes to feeding time especially if you have more than one pet.  Wouldn’t you like it if the food and water stayed in one container and not all over the floor?  Well look no further because Neater Pets has the solution to all those messy feeding times.

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Neater Pet Brands LLC Neater Feeder

Neater Pet Brands LLC kindly sent me a Neater Feeder for my cat to try and review.  Even though I have a kitten, he sometimes is a bit messy jumping around and playing around his food and water containers so accidents do happen.  The Neater Feeder is the only self containing feeder on the market.  It protects your floors from spilled food and water and has non skid pads to keep the feeder stable.  You can’t kick it over accidentally or step in the feeder bowls like I have done in the past.  You love your pets and want the best for them but you can get mad occasionally when they are too rambunctious and spill their food everywhere. 

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Zimba seems to like his new feeder and as you can see there is no mess on the floor.  Neater Feeders is a remarkable design because it is very convenient and contains any messes your cat or dog can possibly come up with.  The Neater Feeder has a raised design to make it easier for your pet to eat and drink and the walls around the feeder help to contain any spills. 

Neater Pet Brands Neater Feeders come in several sizes such as large, medium and small to accommodate small to large dogs and cats plus there are booster legs that come with the feeder that can make the feeder even taller.    The large Neater Feeder extends to eight inches above the floor and is for larger dogs 35-100 pounds.  The medium feeder is for pets 15 to 40 pounds in weight and the smaller feeder is for all those other little creatures that roam your house.  Then there is the BIG bowl Neater Feeder that holds 1.25 gallons of water and is designed to feed multiple pets.  Next is the Giant Bowl Neater Feeder that holds 2.25 gallons of water and feed and is 20 inches long and 12.5 inches wide for all the really big pets. 

Check out Facebook Twitter and YouTube for more amazing information about Neater Feeder.  Then look at Neater Feeder to get information on where to purchase. Neater Feeders can be purchased at your local Petco stores as well as your neighborhood pet shop.  Treat yourself and your pets by giving them the Neater Feeder. 

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