Tender Love and Care: 6 Things You Can Do for Your Pets to Improve Their Quality of Life

by Jenn

Pets are important in a family’s life. They provide companionship and comfort. During play, pets keep us entertained and active. However, to improve the quality of their lives over the long haul, it is important to give the right kind of love and care from the moment they enter a home. When they are well-fed and regularly exercised, with regular vet trips and good oral care, they can be properly socialized and free to be their lovable selves. Here are six things that can’t be missed to keep a pet healthy and happy.

Feed a Healthy Diet and Give Them Plenty of Exercise

Pets need a well-balanced diet that includes a high-quality dog food as well as supplements such as healthy oils found in products at C60 Purple Power to keep bones and joints working their best. They require fresh water, especially during the warm weather, and should be fed amounts based upon their breed, age, and size. Depending on the vet’s recommendation, pets can be fed once or twice a day. Include vegetables in their diet to boost the immune system.

Just like humans, pets need a healthy diet mixed with regular exercise. Plan on taking a dog for a long walk at least once per day. If an enclosed area is available, play fetch with them often. Cats tend to lay around too much when kept indoors. Have a healthy stash of pet toys available to keep them active.

Give Them a Break From Restraints

When people head to sleep for the night, they take off their jewelry and uncomfortable clothing items. Pets can’t remove their collars before heading to sleep for the night, so it is their human’s responsibility to do so. Dog tags make noises during the night and interrupt pet sleep. Consider removing collars each night before bedtime to make them more comfortable. Some owners remove the collars every time they return from a walk.

Speaking of walks, while they are a great way for a dog to get exercise and bond with their owners, dogs also benefit from free play. If a fenced in backyard is not available, consider finding a fenced-in dog park for wide-ranging runs. Time to run free of restraint should be available at least once per week.

Schedule Regular Checkups at the Vet

The number of regular vet visits varies over a pet’s lifetime. Young cats and dogs under the age of one need multiple visits to get their shots. Between the ages of one and seven, an annual visit is needed. After the age of seven, two trips are required every year. During these visits, the veterinarian will deliver necessary rabies, distemper, and other vaccinations to keep your animal healthy. They will also conduct a head-to-toe examination to check for developing diseases.

Keep your pet at the same veterinarian whenever possible to reduce fear and anxiety, and for added peace of mind, get a pet health insurance policy in place, just in case.  However, keep in mind that medications to calm a dog are available prior to a visit. It doesn’t make sense to stress an animal too much when they are receiving a necessary service.

Visiting a vet also allows you to know the perfect time when your pet can have babies. We all know how cute those babies can be. What’s more, you get a friend for your child’s age. To know whether your pet is fertile or not, visit k9 Fertility clinic walsall.

Properly Socialize Them

Pet socialization starts as soon as a dog or cat is old enough to be away from its mother. When done correctly, the animal grows into a confident adult. Socialization occurs in stages but should always include activities with the family members and other family pets. Once a pet is comfortable with the people and animals living in its home, it’s time to include others. A well-socialized dog should be able to interact stress-free when it meets a stranger or strange dog on the street.

Learning how to properly socialize an animal isn’t always easy, which is why there are so many dog training classes available. These classes are the ounce of prevention that can stop unwanted activities such as biting or jumping onto a person from happening when a dog grows older.

Clean and Maintain Their Teeth

The majority of pets suffer from poor oral health. That’s unfortunate because the solution is within reach. Brushing a dog’s teeth on a daily basis prevents the buildup of plaque that can cause gingivitis, just like the problems humans experience. Regular dental care plus checkups at the vet can prevent many health problems from occurring. Rotten teeth not only make life difficult for a pet, but they can also cause a variety of major health problems.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to heart, kidney, and liver disease in a pet. Bad teeth lead to loss of appetite because eating is simply too painful. In worst-case scenarios, the jawline can be damaged making normal activity almost impossible when it comes to drinking and eating. Get the toothbrush out every day to keep your pet in tip-top shape.

Include Play and Communication Time Daily

Dogs are pack animals and need to spend quality time with their families. That time should include expressions of love and time for play. During walks, make an effort to communicate with your dog. Dogs want to please, and this is their time to shine. However, it shouldn’t be the only time. Talk to them in their language as well as your own. Snuggle with them and groan or bark with them during playtimes. Being included in a family’s daily life is vital. Figure out what their favorite game is and play it with them often.

During times of stress, it is often difficult to carve out extra time for the family pet. Keep in mind that dogs are very sensitive to surrounding conditions, so include them with quick pets to reassure them. They care about the people in their lives and will try to nurture their family when they can.

When pets are well-cared for, they become a vital member of the family. They will remain healthy for longer and be the type of companion humans dream of having in their lives. To ensure that your pet has the care it needs, include these six items in their care.

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